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May 20 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, May 20, 2019

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from May 2-8. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

Domitila Gonzalez Romero to Maria Castro Martinez: Lot 4, Emma Cannon Crossing, Ayden Township $50

Doreka S. Nobles to Michele Nobles Phair: parcel, Grifton *

Ann E. Highsmith to Chelsea Bacon: parcel, Ayden $27

Robin Daughton Stoy (f/k/a Robin Daughton Carrow, George Raymond Stoy) to Gilmer Marston Carrow, Tammy Carrow: 0.39 acre, Grimesland Township quitclaim

Mike W. Corey, Alicia B. Corey to Justin T. Foell, Lauren W. Foell: Lot 1, Corey Hills North, Carolina Township $48

Catherine R. Norville (individually and as executrix), Roy W. Norville Jr., Elizabeth R. Brown, Christopher Brown to Brittany Thompson, Nicholas Thompson: Lots 4 (portion) and 5, Block C, Langdale Extension $300

MQ Construction Inc. to Jennifer Dawn Rainsberger: Lot 73, Brighton Place, Section 3, Phase 1, Winterville Township $416

Marie S. Robinson to Juana L. de Hernandez, Jose G. Hernandez: parcel $44

David M. White, Kathy T. White to Jonna M. Kurr-Murphy, Vanessa Lee Rogers: Lot 10, Block B, Club Pines subdivision, Section V $398

Carolyn Ferebee (a/k/a Carolyn Edwards) to Alicia Danielle Harvey, Howard Harvey: Lot 3, Block A, Lincoln Park subdivision, Addition No. 1, Subsection A $100

Carolyn Ferebee (a/k/a Carolyn Edwards) to Alicia Danielle Harvey, Howard Harvey: Lot 2, Block A, Lincoln Park subdivision, Addition No. 1, Section A *

Carol Peaden Brown to Donald W. Moore, Justin W. Moore, Jordyn A. Moore: 29.741 acres $60

Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lots 167A and 167B, Fieldstone at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township *

Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lot 33, Stone Haven at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township *

Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lot 29, Barrington Fields, Section 1, Arthur Township *

Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lot 32, Stone Haven at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township *

Lee Investment Properties LLC to Joseph Allen Covell, Rebecka Nicole Jenkins: Lot 24, Marva Villa subdivision, Pactolus Township $85

Dawn M. Brown to Dawn Marie Brown Revocable Trust: Lot 70, Arbor Hills subdivision, Section 5, Phase 2, Grimesland Township gift

Patsy Roach Forrest, Ricky Forrest, Sheryl Roach Cayton, Robert Edward Roach, Linda Roach to Randall Spain, Eleanor W. Spain: 2.2671 acres, Swift Creek Township $250

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Amanda Christine Willey, Robert George Willey: Lot 2, Sagewood subdivision, Phase 1 $472

Terence N. Lowery Jr., Terry N. Lowery, Cynthia B. Lowery to William Joseph Davis IV: parcel, Greenville $234

Mary Belle Mountain Investors LLC to Robert Tatterson, Karen Tillett Tatterson: Lot 12, Block A, Red Banks subdivision, Winterville Township $448

Geraldine H. Barnes to Geraldine H. Barnes (99 percent undivided interest), Larry Denson Barnes and Terry Lee Barnes (one percent undivided interest): Lot 3, Clairmont subdivision $2

James A. Chappell Jr., Gayle C. Chappell to Victor E. James Jr., Joanne J. James: Lot 7, Block E, Bedford subdivision, Section Five, Winterville Township quitclaim

Victor E. James Jr., Joanne J. James to Christian Kuehne, Hallie Strickland Kuehne: Lot 7, Block E, Bedford subdivision, Section Five, Winterville Township $586

Michael D. Ross, Kristy S. Ross to Caitlin Takahashi Pipkin, Kyle R. Pipkin: Lot 41, Canterbury, Section 3, Winterville Township $378

William M. Sweeney Jr., Michelle W. Sweeney to Terry Sutton Jr.: Lot 2, Cooper’s Pointe, Section 8, Phase 1 $398

Robert August Muzzarelli, Mary Flaim Muzzarelli (t/t/a Mary Theresa Muzzarelli) to 2 Hands Holdings LLC: Unit 7, Block B, Westhills Townhomes, Section I, Tract I, Falkland Township $88

Dennis Calvin Mayo, Kelsey Nicole Hendry Mayo to Simon C. Williams: Lot 12, Block E, Andrew Coghill subdivision, Addition V $250

Edna Taylor Frizzell to Roberta Lynn Appelgren, Timothy Donald Appelgren: Lot 1, Block B, Mrs. Joe Taylor’s subdivision, Section 2, Farmville Township; Lot 2, Block B, Mrs. Joe Taylor subdivision, Section 2, Farmville Township $205

Brian Curtis Hansley to William Joseph Davis IV: 0.017 acre, Greenville $4

Charles Donald Southerland, Olivia V. Southerland to Piney Grove Free Will Baptist Church: 1.1727 acres $24

Arnie C. Spencer Jr. (trustee) to Oasis of Hope Pentecostal Holiness Church Inc.: 3.7038 acres (portion) quitclaim

Arnie C. Spencer Jr. (trustee) to Oasis of Hope Pentecostal Holiness Church Inc.: 3.7038 acres (with exception) $850

Yong-Qing Li (a/k/a Yongging Li), Jing Yu Li (t/t/a Jing Yu) to Karen Michelle McKeown, Charles Edward Stephen McKeown Jr.: Lot 18, Queensland $527

Maura McCann to Peng Yu, Min Wang: Lot 113, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 2, Phase 1-B $676

Victoria L. Olguin, Juan C. Olguin to Sandra Hilario Mariano: 1.0032 acre, Winterville Township $130

Edmonson Construction Company of Greenville LLC to Darrell Brock Jester, Kari Johnson Jester: Lot 6, Mills Ridge, Ayden Township $436

Peter T. Lombardi (trustee) to Rajesh Verma, Kavita Verma: Unit 3, Building FF, Dudley’s Grant, Section 10 $210

Harriet Elizabeth Crandall, Felicia Diane Crandall to Harriet Elizabeth Crandall, Felicia Diane Crandall: Lot 30, River Creek, Section 1 quitclaim

Charlie Evans, Charlie Evans Jr., Sylvia B. Evans to Christine Davis: parcel $100

J.C. Hazelton Builders LLC to Robert Lombard: Lot 52, Arden Ridge, Section 4, Phase 1, Grimesland Township $425

Steven Clay Haddock to Patricia S. Haddock: 148.33 acres and 157.49 acres gift

Linda M. Hamby, Gregory S. Hamby, Ramona E. Hamby, Allison D. Jones, John H. Jones, Jacqueline Nicole Geddie to Half Penny Sparrows LLC: 18.03 acres $880

RB4 Investments LLC to RB4 Holdings LLC: parcel, Grimesland Township; 50.4342 acres, Grimesland Township; parcel (with exception), Grimesland Township; 1.05 acres (with exception), Grimesland Township; Lots 23, 24 and 25, Moss Bend, Section 3 quitclaim

Kittrell Duplexes LLC to Roham R. Lahiji, Narges Lahiji: Lot 74-B, Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2, Winterville Township $270

Linda M. Hamby, Gregory S. Hamby, Ramona E. Hamby, Allison D. Jones, John H. Jones, Jacqueline Nicole Geddie to Half Penny Sparrows LLC: 0.574 acre * 

Christopher Morrison, Michelle Morrison to Adriene M. Cox: Lot 118, Countryaire Village, Phase Two, Ayden Township $248

Linda M. Hamby, Gregory S. Hamby, Ramona E. Hamby, Allison D. Jones, John H. Jones, Jacqueline Nicole Geddie to Half Penny Sparrows LLC: 70.1 acres (with exception) *

Melissa Childs (f/k/a Melissa Y. Reason), Carter Childs to Justin Rowland, Meagan Dodds: Lot 17, Surrey Meadows cluster subdivision $234

NG Family LLC to Leonard Randall Hignite: 772. acres, Arthur Township correction

Jorge Arriagada, Cindy Arriagada to Abdul Batterjee-Williams, Malak Wood: Unit 9, Building W, Cross Creek Townhomes, Greenville Township $164

Mary M. Tyson to Melvin Tyson, Dorothy Tyson Joyner: 0.345 acre *

Felicia Singleton Powell to Tony L. Powell, Felicia Singleton Powell: Lot 27, Chinquapin Road subdivision, Section Two, Farmville *

Barbara Cooke Tripp, Barabara Tripp Rogerson (attorney-in-fact) to Barbara Tripp Rogerson, Jack Leroy Tripp Jr. and Sandra Tripp Whithurst (1 percent remainder interest), Barbara Cooke Tripp (life estate interest and 99 percent remainder interest): parcel, N.C.S.R. 1200, Arthur Township $1

Tula Mae Garris to Calvin Garris: parcel (with exception) quitclaim

Calvin Garris to Tula Maye Garris: Lot 16, Block B, Lake Ellsworth subdivision, Section 1 quitclaim

Morning Glory Products Inc., Calvin Lee Garris, Tula Maye Garris to Tula Maye Garris: 3.861 acre (with exception) *

G.H. Downie Holdings LLC to Edwin Carl Crawford Jr.: Lot 47, Shamrock cluster development, Phase 1 $450

Jeffrey E. Schmidt (t/t/a Jeffery E. Schmidt) to Daniel E. Bartlett, Melissa P. Bartlett: Lot 5, Block D, Bedford subdivision, Section VI, Phase II, Winterville Township $720

James I. Hardison, Amber Hardison, Jamie L. Deputy (t/t/a Jamie L. Hardison), Scott Deputy to Brian D. Bothern, Tina L. Farmer: tract, Belvoir Township $130

Stephen L. Beaman (bankruptcy trustee) to Edgar B. Wall Jr.: Lot 16, Rivercrest, Section 1, Grimesland Township; Lot 3, Block E, James Lang property, Greenville quitclaim

Edgar B. Wall Jr. to William L. Carter: Lot 3, Block E, James Lang property, Greenville $270

Emily C. Tanner to BMNC Home Buyers LLC: Lot 5, Block J, Candlewick Estates, Section II, Arthur Township $290

Martha Campbell, Timothy S. Pearce (attorney-in-fact) to Travis Gunn, Amy Noelle Peerey Gunn: Lot 10, Block J, Chatham Circle subdivision, Third Addition, Greenville $270

J. Timothy Whitehurst, Debra Rawls Whitehurst to Trudy Schillo: 2.199 acres, Carolina Township $290

Daymark Trustee LLC (trustee) to BPDM Properties 2018-1 LLC: Lot 38, Country Club Hills, Addition No. 4, Grifton Township $180

Unshakable Builders Inc. (a/t/a Unshakable Builders LLC) to Maged Abdelaal, Hanan Elgendy: Lots 14 and 15, Nicholas Acres $920

Carlton Randolph, Bernice Gowens, Felicia Malleary, Howard Malleary to Wanda Brown, Mark Brown: parcel, Greenville $52

Shannon Stocks Johnson, Ashley Johnson to Francisco Gomez: lot, Grimesland Township $36

Elizabeth Gary Blocker (executrix) to Elizabeth Gary Blocker: Lot 2, Block D, Lynndale subdivision, Greenville *

Homes on the Ange Inc. to Kuhn Construction Inc.: Lots 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 38, Savannah Place subdivision, Section 2, Phase 1 $432

Feet First LLC to Richard S. Coltrain: 1.89 acres, Ayden Township *

Jeffrey Todd Jackson, Donna M. Jackson to Hurdle Home Builders LLC: Lot 8, Star Hill Farm subdivision, Greenville Township $172

Douglas C. Paschal (attorney-in-fact, 1/3 undivided interest), Annis Paschal Lyles and Charles Gregory Lyles (1/3 undivided interest), Douglas C. Paschal and Jeanne K. Paschal (1/3 undivided interest) to William M. Wilson, Bobbi Edge Wilson: Lot 9, Block C, Forest Hills Addition, Greenville Township

Catherine Sloop Steffee, Craig Harold Steffee (individually and as attorney-in-fact) to Steffee Properties LLC: 0.27 acre, Farmville Township *

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Judy Broyles Davis: Lot 27, Country Club Acres subdivision $192

Edgar T. Allen Jr., Rae B. Allen to MQ Construction Inc.: Lot 28, Ironwood, Phase I, Falkland Township $170

Jack C. Journey Jr., Cynthia Potts Journey to Kiel Shafley, Jaycee Shafley: Lot 10, Garden Grove subdivision, Section 2 $325

Betty Stansbury to Glen R. Newman, Kristin A. Newman: Lot 30, MacGregor Downs subdivision, Section II, Falkland Township; 0.089 acre, Falkland Township

Thomas Ronald Rouse, Catherine Lamm Rouse to Edward Andrew Haddock, Jeaninne L. Haddock: Lot 26, Block H, Tucker Estates subdivision, Section III, Phase II, Winterville Township $390

Phyllis P. Beck to Zachary W. Roberson: Lot 2, Clarks Farm, Section 1, Chicod Township $182

Robert Charles Klinger Jr., Brianne Casey Klinger to Gabbie’s Properties LLC: 0.611 acre $50

Happy Trail Farms LLC to Unshakable Builders Inc.: Lot 22, Autumn Ridge subdivision, Section Two, Arthur Township $60

DDRM Associates LLC to Jeffrey Lane Clark, Rachel Whitaker Clark: 141.91 acres (with exceptions), Pactolus Township $270

Tarek Abdel-Salam, Nehad H. Elsawaf to Darrell E. Helton: Lot 56, Bedford Village subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $462

Barry P. Buck, Antoinette Buck to John C. Britt, Brenda H. Britt: Lot 13, Tyson Creek subdivision, Section One, Falkland Township $266

Jack J. Allen, Ora K. Allen to Highway 102 Farms LLC: Lots 7 (portion), 8 (portion), 8A, 9 (portion), 9A and 10A, George W. Hardee division, Swift Creek Township quitclaim

John C. Jenkins, Joyce W. Jenkins to Alexis Faith Arnold, William Daniel Cerny: 6.15 acres, Pitt and Beaufort counties *

Reggie Spain Construction LLC to Reggie Spain Homes LLC: Lot 16, Glen Abbey, Section 2 *

Laura Caroline Jackson to Old Bird LLC: Lot 63, Quail Ridge, Section I, Winterville Township $40

Robert Johnson, Abbie E. Strickland to Mlisa N. Baxter: Lot 79, Westpointe subdivision, Arthur Township $218

Kidd Construction Group LLC to Matthew Todd Myers, Lindsey A. Myers: Lot 72, Autumn Lakes subdivision, Section 4, Phase 2, Grimesland Township $1,360

David Epler, Pam Epler to David C. Epler and Pamela K.B. Epler (trustees): Lot 397, Cherry Oaks subdivision, Section IX gift

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company, Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville to A.T. Venters Properties LLC: Lot 5 (portion), Harris Ridge, Phase 1 *

W.F. Bulow to Miguel Angel Ballesteros, Alejandra Mendez Flurent: parcel, Ayden $17

William Frederick Bulow III, Johnnie Faye Bulow to Miguel Angel Ballesteros, Alejandra Mendez Flurent: two parcels, Ayden $17

Homer E. McElroy, Lisa Lynn McElroy to Jenny Lynn Hatcher: Unit 204, Building 1904, Covengton Square Condominiums, Winterville Township $278

Patricia S. Haddock, Steven Clay Haddock to Oscar L. Holloman, Carol P. Holloman: 73.307 acres, Chicod Township $474

John Stanley Cheek, J.E. Cheek (a/k/a John Edward Cheek), Patricia S. Cheek to William Garrett Brown, Natalie Gurkin Brown: two tracts; 2 acres, Chicod Township $400

Brocoli Development LLC to Robin Muirheid, Carol Muirheid: Lot 9, Heritage Farmville, Farmville $42


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


June 10, 2019

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed May 30-June 5 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ 3 Peterson Brothers Tire and Auto LLC, agent Melvin Peterson, 301 S. Elm St., Williamston.

■ A Safe Place to Land, nonprofit, agent Christie W. James, 345 Vineyard…

June 10, 2019

Moody's Investor Services has upgraded Greenville Utilities Commission's credit rating to 'Aa1' with a stable outlook in advance of upcoming bond sales.

Fellow global rating agency Fitch Ratings affirmed GUC's credit rating of 'AA-'. Both ratings are considered "High Grade" and should help GUC at…


June 10, 2019

Greene County educator wins arts contest

Daphanie Jones, a teacher at West Greene Elementary School, is a state winner of the North Carolina Association of Educators’ Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Arts Contest.

Jones won first place for her poem “Pass Me the Torch,” in the…

Daphnie Jones 2019 HCR Art.JPG

June 10, 2019

TUESDAY: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-7:30 p.m. titled “Create Stunning Graphics with Canva.” This step-by-step session will demonstrate how to create professional looking graphics in Canva that you can upload to your website and all…

June 10, 2019

A nurse specialist in pediatrics has been selected by her peers as the 2019 Nurse of the Year at ECU Physicians, the medical practice of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

Megan Taylor, a Chocowinity native, works in pediatric pulmonology at ECU Pediatric Specialty Care. The…


June 03, 2019

The following civil lawsuits were filed Feb. 14-27, 2019, in Pitt County:

■ Barclays Bank Delaware v. Tim Bogenn, contract, Feb. 14; notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice by plaintiff, April 2; 19CVD 478.

■ Tameka Rachedia Frazier v. Kristina Carmon and Shameka Renee Moye, motor vehicle…

June 03, 2019


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits for April 30-May 27, 2019:

■ Phelps Chevrolet, 3325 S. Memorial Drive, commercial addition, $200,000.

■ Walmart, 210 S.W. Greenville Blvd., commercial alterations, $20,000.

■ Venture Properties I LLC,…

June 03, 2019

With the help of Pitt Community College and ApprenticeshipNC, ECVC, Inc. (Eastern Carolina Vocational Center), started a Custodian Apprenticeship Program on April 1.

It is one of the first types of apprenticeship programs in North Carolina and supports ECVC’s mission, as well as Gov. Roy…


June 03, 2019

 With 1 in 8 neighbors, including 1 in 6 children, facing hunger across its 10-state footprint, Food Lion set out to help its neighbors by launching Food Lion Feeds, the company’s hunger relief initiative, in 2014. After committing to donate 500 million meals by the end of 2020, Food…

June 03, 2019

Kendall joins LBA’s in-house marketing team 

LBA Group, Inc. is growing its group marketing resources with the appointment of Paul Kendall as web developer. Kendall will focus on continuing to build the LBA brand with strategic technical and creative development of its web presence.…

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