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November 11, 2019

I know of no one who has been more of a pest to their friends and family than I have over the subject of solar electric farms in North Carolina. (Not to be confused with roof top solar panels on homes with battery storage).

You can not drive anywhere and miss seeing a solar farm near the highway. I…

November 11, 2019

Bless your heart Mr. Eugene James, former county commissioner. You were great and your presence is truly missed. You did not mind voicing your opinion and called a spade a spade. We need more like you. Best wishes to you.

BYH to the reader who wants new speed bumps and lower speed limits in the…

November 10, 2019

BYH, potatoes bring us french fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns, vodka, tater tots, boiled potatoes, potato chips, potato pancakes, au gratin, baked potatoes, potato soup, potato casseroles ... its like the other foods aren't even trying.

BYH to putting up the Christmas lights so early. The…

November 09, 2019

Generation Z has had it with us baby boomers. We were handed a golden opportunity to make the world better and we blew it. “OK boomer” has become its rallying cry of collective mistrust.

I live with three Gee Zees (I made that up because it’s easier and more fun to say), and not…

garage (1).jpg

November 09, 2019

I commend the efforts of those seeking to provide aid and assistance in the area to address mental health issues, especially for our young people, as reported in the article "Squelching the Stigma" in The Daily Reflector on Saturday, Nov. 2. As we consider this though, we need to take a broader…

November 09, 2019

BYH to the PACT Act. I hope it’ll prevent dog owners from allowing barking for more than five minutes. Obviously the animal needs something so ignoring it is cruel, tortuous and really annoying. Would you ignore a crying human child that way? Since the city won’t fix it, maybe…

November 08, 2019

The ECU marching Pirates band has always been filled with gifted musicians. But my heart is especially thrilled whenever I hear the drum line, even more so when they are performing the marching cadence as they approach the stadium before the football games!

A big BYH to all who are able and willing…

November 08, 2019

I have recently received an email from Sen. Thom Tillis where he says he is so concerned about the Sanctuary cities and the release of some illegal immigrants, that he believes will so threaten the safety of the American people. 

However, I have yet to hear the senator say anything about him…

November 07, 2019

BYH to you wanting directions to Brook Valley via the Bless Your Heart. Hello! Just Google it.

The directions from Bless Your Heart would be far more colorful.

A no BYH to those family members I do for and don’t treat me with respect. I am tired of all of it. I do and do and do but I…

November 07, 2019

There was a letter to the editor in The Daily Reflector (Deceiver in Chief, Nov. 3) that listed supposed and possible untrue statements made by our president. I will not take issue with that. My concern is that that writer and a lot of others do not understand the role of the president.


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