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Dogs make splash at community pool party


Casey Bowers of Greenville stands with her lab, Winnie during the Greenville Recreation and Park's annual doggie pool party.


By Tyler Stocks
Staff Writer

Monday, August 12, 2019

Tennis balls and Frisbees flew through the air as dogs leaped into the light blue water of the Greenville Community Pool on Sunday during the annual Doggie Pool Party, which offers a tail-wagging end to the facility’s summer season.

While some dogs jumped in paws first with anticipation, others approached with fear and trepidation while their human companions cheered them on at the Myrtle Avenue pool.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” Aquatics Supervisor Dalace Inman said. “We do an annual pool party for dogs and the proceeds from today go to support the Greenville area off-leash dog park.”

Inman said more than 60 people who turned out for the event, which ran from 1-4 p.m. and raised just over $300.

This year’s event also featured a doggie fashion show sponsored by PetSmart.

As temperatures hovered in the 90s, the $5 price tag was well worth it as pet owners themselves cooled off while their dogs met new furever friends.

Courtney Cherok just moved to Greenville a month ago and took Luna, her 5-year-old Border Collie Mix to the party.

“I’ve been trying to get my dog introduced to the water to see if she likes it or not,” Cherok said.

Though Luna wasn’t too fond of the water, she made a few brave attempts before doggie paddling her way back to dry land.

Cherok said she enjoyed Sunday’s event and met a lot of great people, she said. “It’s been nice that (Parks and Rec Staff) are letting all the dogs out here and allowing them to play in the pool and kind of be themselves.”

Winnie, a lab who came with Casey Bowers of Greenville, jumped in the pool once and was done for the day. She spent the rest of her visit running around the pool observing other dogs willing to brave the water.

“My lab actually doesn’t like water and she jumped in unexpectedly and that’s the last time she’s been in,” Bowers said.

Bowers, a first-time party-goer, said she really enjoyed Sunday’s event and will be back next year.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Bowers said. “We are having a good time and I wasn’t expecting there to be this many people here,” Bowers said.

Some of Sunday’s guests were repeat doggie pool partiers.

Kathy Sheppard who lives in Washington, N.C., brought her terrier mix, Lilly, to the party.

Sheppard said she made the drive because the pool party is always great fun.

“Just getting to interact with all the dogs is fun,” Sheppard said. “You don’t usually get to go to a pool party with dogs.

Greenville’s Brian Farkas also made it to the party and brought along his 9-month-old English springer spaniel, Fritz.

“It’s been a wonderful afternoon,” Farkas said. “This is something unconventional for the community but something everyone can rally around. This just brings a lot of joy to the area.”

Fritz was eager to make a splash and learn new tricks.

“We got here at 1 p.m. and he has not shown any quit. This is his first time today, and we did everything. Fritz learned how to swim, how to jump and how to fetch,” Farkas said.

Farkas praised city staff members for putting on the event and said citizens should definitely take in opportunities like this.

“Take advantage of these opportunities. The city of Greenville and Parks and Recreation Department does a really good job and they work really hard. I really appreciate the staff here,” Farkas said.

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