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Dec. 6 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, December 6, 2018

BYH to the family of President Bush. President Bush was a great man and a great father to his family. He was also a very good president. What more can anyone say of this man? Rest in peace, Mr. President. Thank you for all you did!

The poor folk in France are rioting over the carbon tax. Obviously the rich folk are not doing enough to sell the French people on the global warming scam. The liberals in the U.S. are hoping to tax the poor people here, but are waiting for Al Gore to really hit his stride. Let them eat cake!

Is getting constant telemarketer calls on my cellphone sufficient grounds to cancel a cellphone contract? They cannot hurt my credit because I am old and do not use credit. Do the courts pity old people who have been duped? I tried explaining the problem but all they want to do is sell me cable TV.

We finally have a new AD and a new football coach even thought it broke the bank to do so. Students are advised to bring their own hand soap as the restrooms are part of the austerity measures. And the lights are off in the classrooms so bring a flashlight. Arrrgh!

I grew up in eastern North Carolina and remember well how supportive everyone was of ECU and its potential growth. That was especially true when the medical school was being promoted by Leo Jenkins and others to the state legislature. What has happened, people? This school is a major economic engine for our region. Quit complaining and get on board in supporting this great asset for all of us in eastern North Carolina!

Bless the hearts of my co workers. What a tough time we are all going through! Love and kindness will get us through it. Let's stop the displaced anger coming from fear.

Bless your heart to all motorists in town who drive around well past the time allowed with paper tags. They are skirting the law and getting out of paying property taxes for vehicle registration — shame, shame, shame!

So, what is it with all that water running out onto Greenville Boulevard near Elm Street?

BYH to “GM making a business decision has nothing to do with the president” said in Tuesday’s BYH. Then I suggest he quit trying to take credit for business hiring or overpromising in advance, like when he said “Don't sell your house,” setting himself up for scorn.

My heart is broken! Dontae is leaving our TV station to return to his home state of Ohio! Sometimes it is hard to have a positive mindset for our day! The team of Dontae/Maria never failed to start my day with a laugh! Wishing you much success, Dontae. Please send some snow pictures to Maria to show us eastern North Carolinians! You will be missed!

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