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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

For many worker bees, your lunch break isn’t always a welcome site. You have one hour to get in your car, brave mid-day traffic, wait in line, order your food, wait for the food to be made, then you have about 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to eat lunch. Then you get back in your car, get in traffic again, and by the time you get back to work, you feel drained. What if you just stayed at work, called your order in and kept working while someone else picked up and delivered the food thus allowing you a full hour to sit peacefully eating your lunch with your co-workers.

Take back your lunch break and choose Takeout Pros in Greenville, a third-party restaurant delivery service that is delivering not only your favorites foods but giving you back your time.

Owner Nate Simmons, a native of Duplin County and graduate of Appalachian State, has over 10 years experience in the restaurant takeout service industry. Two years ago, Simmons opened a branch of Takeout Pros allowing you more options for enjoying the foods from the restaurants you love delivered right to your door. Nate knows the food business, and the food delivery business and has set up his business making sure all your food needs are met. His business model is simple. He wants to brings you your favorite restaurant food in a timely, friendly and easy way, because you have better things to do.

Here is how Takeout Pros works: First go online or use their mobile-friendly app. Punch in your zip-code, address and delivery time, pick a restaurant that you love, order from the interactive and easy navigation menu, pay and leave the rest to the professionals. You can track the progress on their website tracker or on the mobile tracker app and know who your driver is, what they look like, when they arrive at the restaurant, when they leave with food in hand and when they arrive at your door. They usually arrives within 30-60 minutes, even during restaurant peak times.

Takeout Pros is currently partnered with 31 restaurants in Greenville to provide you with a variety of menu items from some of your favorite and most trusted establishments. No matter what you're craving, they're sure to have an option you will love. If you want Caribbean, Indian or Thai, order from Thai Mon Cuisine, Tastee Thai, Cinnamon Indian Cuisine or Villa Verde. If you want healthier options, choose from Clean Eatz, Juice Vibes, Mike's Deli, Jersey Mike’s, Firehouse Subs, Muscle Maker Grill, Subway or Tropical Smoothie Cafe. If you like Mexican, order from Mazatlan, Plaza Azteca, Salsaritas or Totopos Street Food & Tequila. Other restaurants include China 10, Angus Grill, Crave, Fire American Tavern, Osaka Japanese, Marathon, East Coast Wings & Grill, Highway 55, Mellow Mushroom, Tie Breakers, Duck Donuts, or Your Perfect Cake. They even can help with grocery deliverers. This is a great option for the busy parent who needs a little extra help.

The restaurants that are partnered with the business can set their own minimums with the majority of them requiring a $10-$20 food order minimum. I used the website via my laptop to place my order. Before I decided what I wanted, I enjoyed being able to view pictures of menus items while surfing through their easy-to-navigate website. Many of the menus have pictures you can click to see what the meal will look like when it comes to your door. I decided to be healthy by ordering from Clean Eatz restaurant in Greenville. I ordered a build your own chicken burger and a build your own healthy bowl with brown rice and Salmon.

I placed my order at 12:46 p.m. and within a couple minutes, received an email saying my order was being processed and I should expect to receive my meal between 1:29 and 1:39 p.m. and that Wayne would be my delivery person. Within 10 minutes, my driver arrived at the restaurant at 1:14 p.m. and left the restaurant with my food in hand at 1:18 p.m. with my food. It arrived at my office door at 1:24 p.m., with a few minutes left on the clock. My delivery person was courteous and my food arrived hot and still presented well when I opened the takeout boxes. Everything was fresh and all extra side dressings, napkins, silverware packets were included.

Overall, the experience went well taking away my lunch worries allowing me time to actually sit down with a friend and enjoy good conversation and healthy food. Make sure to tip your driver just like you would if you were at a restaurant because he is putting himself out there in that crazy traffic to feed me. The drivers use their own cars and pay for their own gas, so show them some love with a nice tip when they arrive. Takeout Pros does charge a customary 5 percent service fee. Some restaurants require charges up to 25-35 percent to cover the costs of this service. The website will show you all charges before you hit the submit button. It was easy and quite affordable.

If you are having lunch or dinner with a group of friends or co-workers and need to make multiple payments, they can accommodate this and offer advanced order placing. They take credit cards, cash and can even split checks and take up to 10 different payments in one order. And if you want to earn money toward your next order with them, they offer a program called ProBucks. Here is how it works. Once you get your food delivered, customers are asked to take a picture before taking a bite. Upload the photo on either the website tracker page or the mobile app. If the photos are high enough quality, they will upload them on their social media sites and use them on the restaurant online menus. For every photo they use, you get $1 in ProBucks to use on a future order.

If you are a restaurant that would like partner with Takeout Pros or you are interested in being a driver, go to TakeoutPros.com, click on restaurants and submit your application or call 252-762-3289. To try out Takeout Pros for yourself, use coupon code: HOTDISH on your next order and get a free delivery! (One per customer.) You better hurry because this offer expires Nov. 15, 2018. To learn more, go to their website, www.takeoutprosgv.com.


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