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Krispy Kreme unveils new Halloween doughnuts

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By Christina Ruotolo
The Daily Reflector

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

There is nothing more beautiful than a sunrise or sunset, watching the sky come alive with energy or winding its way down for the day. And, there is nothing more beautiful than driving down 10th Street and being greeted by the bright orange Hot Light outside Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. For many, myself included, that light brings back wonderful childhood memories when we were treated to a doughnut at the local shop. We walked in, grabbed a fun paper hat and scanned the rows of colorfully decorated doughnuts, literally drooling at the display case. Just a few bites was all it took and I was transformed into a content, obedient child. And, that place was the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop which has its roots in North Carolina history dating back to July 13, 1937 in Winston Salem when a man named Vernon Rudolph bought a secret yeast-raised doughnut recipe from a New Orleans French chef. He then found a small building to rent, located in downtown Winston Salem, and began selling his doughnuts to local grocery stores. After his death, the business changed hands a few times and was later bought by a group of franchise owners in 2000.

Eighty-one years later you can still find the green and white boxes at grocery stores and the retail stores still produce thousands of fresh doughnuts each week. Its history is a glazed and shining example of what happens when you have ambition and are dedicated to providing the best doughnuts around. Now a global company with nearly 1,400 stores in 32 countries, Krispy Kreme’s mission is simple, “to make the most awesome doughnuts on the planet every single day.” Walk into their retro style store front that is conveniently located across from ECU and be drawn in by the fresh baked doughnut aroma, fifties style nostalgic décor, bright white walls, and glass front display cases filled with signature festive doughnuts just waiting to be enjoyed by all. They serve sixteen classic doughnuts from the iconic Original Glazed®, to chocolate or strawberry iced with or without sprinkles, and raspberry or lemon filled. There’s also a double dark chocolate, cinnamon apple filled, chocolate filled with Kreme, blueberry cake, cinnamon bun, or a traditional cake doughnut with or without powdered sugar. They also offer limited time doughnut flavors throughout the year taking advantage of seasonal flavors and fillings.

Amanda Tilley, Franchise Operator at the 10th Street store, which has resided in that location since the early 80s, invites you to come in and try a hot glazed doughnut, which is sure to change your life forever. “Come to the shop, take in the aroma, grab a hot glazed doughnut, and you will be an instant fan.” My favorite thing at Krispy Kreme is being able to watch the doughnuts being made right in front of your very eyes. Their equipment is front and center winding through the building behind a long, glass viewing window. Step up to the “doughnut theater” and be amazed like children in a Willy Wonka factory. Krispy Kreme’s equipment can produce a staggering 270 dozen doughnuts per hour. It starts with a 50lb bag of Krispy Kreme’s secret recipe that is mixed before the extruder places the doughnut rings on racks that weave through the proofer for about 30 minutes – just enough time to allow the doughnuts to rise.

Then the doughnuts are cooked in a soy-based oil before going to a conveyor belt where they cool down for a bit before going through the waterfall of glaze, made with a mixture of granulated and confectioner sugar. Once glazed they travel to display cases or the area where they are boxed and sent to local grocery stores or used for fundraising orders.

It’s a beautiful sight to see! And, once you take a bite of a hot, Original Glazed® doughnut, you’ll immediately be craving another. The pillowy soft texture of the doughnut, topped with the warm glaze literally melts in your mouth. Forget about the bad day you’re having or the world that exists outside their doors, just come in, eat the doughnut and I promise you will be glad you did!

It’s October, my favorite time of year, when flavors of pumpkin, apple and caramel are delicious reminders of the season’s bounty. Halloween is just around the corner and Krispy Kreme has just unveiled their Halloween doughnuts providing all the sweetness we crave with ghoulish decorations and spook-tacular flavors. It’s the perfect time to stop by and grab an assorted dozen (or two) for your next Halloween party, office, or school event. New flavors include the Trick or Treat doughnut, an Original Glazed® doughnut dipped in delicious salted caramel icing, topped with mini M&Ms, Twix & Snickers and drizzled with salted caramel icing. This isn’t a trick but a real treat that gives you all your favorite Halloween tastes - feeding your salty, sweet, and kid side all in one festive doughnut.

The next flavor medley is the Monster Batter doughnut, a yeast shell filled with a yellow cake batter filling, dipped in green icing and topped with Halloween confetti sprinkles and sugar piece eyes. The cake batter filling is so delicious, it tastes like you licked the spoon after making a cake with Grandma. It is a monster mash of flavor filled with Halloween wonder. Next, let’s carve out some sweet time with the Jack-o-Lantern doughnut, a yeast shell dipped in orange icing and hand-decorated with chocolate icing to resemble a jack-o-lantern. This one marks the sweet spot in anyone’s day. Now we can move on to a blingy Halloween version with the Sprinkled Ring doughnuts. The chocolate iced ring doughnut is a classic Original Glazed® yeast ring dipped in chocolate icing and topped with Halloween sprinkles.

Finally, let’s celebrate fall with seasonal flavors found in the Caramel Apple Chiller. This beverage has an intense green apple flavor with indulgent Ghirardelli caramel swirled throughout to create a tasty treat. You will never be the same after you try this yummy fall masterpiece.

And let’s not forget, you can always order the fan favorite Pumpkin Spice doughnut with warm spice flavors available now through Thanksgiving.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about Krispy Kreme’s fundraising program which has supported numerous philanthropic efforts and helped thousands of organizations raise money for band uniforms, booster clubs, traveling teams and church youth organizations, to name a few. Krispy Kreme’s fundraising program is profitable, fast, simple, and affordable. After all, who doesn’t love a box of doughnuts? You can even use the program multiple times throughout the year allowing you to raise enough “dough” for your charity. Choose from traditional ready to serve boxed doughnuts, fundraising certificates, BOGO fundraising cards or their signature coffee. This fundraising opportunity is a win-win for your organization, allowing you to double your profits in a short time. Krispy Kreme Fundraising is a great way to give back one doughnut and smile at a time.

Krispy Kreme is open seven days a week from 5am-12am with the drive-thru open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit their website www.krispykreme.com, or call 252-830-1525. To place your order online and have your doughnuts ready when you get there visit the website and click the order now button. And remember, the Hot Light is your friend so show it some love! Stop by today and fall in love with Krispy Kreme.


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