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The Rickhouse unveils new menu items, banquet space

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The Stan the Man with smoked sour bourbon mash is among new dishes offered by The Rickhouse American Provisions and Spirits, 710 Red Banks Road.

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Christina Ruotolo
Hot Dish

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Rickhouse located at 710 Red Banks Road in Greenville has been open for almost three years and offers customers a casual and trendy place to enjoy great drinks and great food. In July the business completed an expansion adding in a versatile banquet space called the Rickhouse Reserve.

The banquet area is located in the same building around the corner from the front doors with its own private entrance that leads into a wide and welcoming space with tall ceilings and plenty of possibilities. Start by walking under the lighted pergola and enjoy having an event where everything you need is on site, from the round tables, classy wooden chairs with cushions, linen tablecloths and napkins, lightened centerpieces and staff to assist with your event.

The banquet space is large enough to accommodate 115 people, has its own restrooms, built-in dance floor, 130-inch high definition projector screen, as well as two 80-inch televisions, built-in sound system, microphone, additional audiovisual capabilities, Wi-Fi, and a cool light-up bar. Smaller events can choose from a limited menu and larger groups can choose from various buffet options. The Rickhouse Reserve is the perfect place for any event including weddings, rehearsal dinners, retirement parties, reunions, business dinners and other gatherings. Enjoy a fresh, new space with the same great food and beverages the community has come to know and love.

The Rickhouse serves a variety of entrees with class and stylish inventive foods with huge flavor profiles. Add talented chefs, courteous staff and managers who will welcome you in with friendly smiles. There are many items on their menu that you won’t find at other restaurants with prices ranging from $6-$37. Chef James Green is one of their talented chefs with over 18 years of experience. For him, when you come in you become family, so he feels he is feeding family with every dish he serves. “When you come here, you become family, and we feed family only the best,” Green says.

Before we dive into the awesome food, we have to start with some drinks, because any place that is named after a Rickhouse is bound to serve a great drink. The Rickhouse has an extensive cocktail menu offering guests a variety of draft beers like the Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Stout, which is a bourbon barrel stout, a wide range of wines to choose from whites to reds, margaritas, mint juleps, martinis and, of course, classic bourbon and whiskey drinks.

The Rickhouse currently offers 63 different kinds of bourbon to choose from with prices ranging from $7-$20. Choose from popular hits like Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig, Evan William’s Single Barrel, or Bulleit 10 year just to name a few. All bourbons before they can be consumed have to pass the 5-point test. They must be made in America, contain at least 51 percent corn mash, must be aged in charred white oak barrels and contain no additives. For those that have never tried bourbon, most have a rich amber color and a sweet heat finish. As head bartender, Jeremy Shelton says, “Bourbon makes the world go round.”

I started with one of their new bourbon drinks, the Sangria bourbon sour. Start with Bulleit bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, a bit of egg whites and a Zinfandel float on top. I love how this drink looked with its layers of colors and flavors. The first sip is a sweet top coat from the Zinfandel, then your taste buds move into the citrus notes from the lemon and syrup, moving to the last flavor of soft heat from the bourbon. The egg whites give the entire drink a luscious, creamy feel and add a bit more density to the drink. For those who may be afraid of the intensity and heat that many bourbon drinks provide, this one is much calmer, and that heat builds slowly.

Next, I tried another one of their new bourbon drinks — the smoked sour bourbon mash — a drink made with a Crown Royal blender mix, fresh lime and lemon juice, simple syrup and egg whites. The bartender then takes bourbon wood chips and lights them to smoke the entire drink, adding it to a tall glass and dropping in a fat, brandy-soaked dark cherry and sprinkling the top with nutmeg. This was a tall, aromatic drink with rich and intense flavors of warm, earthy bourbon, hints of warm nutmeg with a woody smokey note running all the way through. The kicker is the liquor soaked cherry swimming on top just waiting to be devoured. It’s a unique drink worth trying.

The last new drink on my Rickhouse cocktail tour is the cucumber mint martini. This charming drink is an ode to summer’s end and is made with Kettle One cucumber mint vodka, St. Germain elder flower liquor, muddled cucumbers and lime juice topped with a spring of mint and a slice of cucumber angled on the side. This one offers up refreshing clean and light flavors with a brightness of citrus as the main front runner. It was cool and hydrating with a sweet mint top and crunchy cucumber end.

Now that I have wet your whistle with some drinks, lets get to eating. The Rickhouse has added some new entrees and appetizers. To start off, I sampled the new appetizer, Stan the Man, named after one of the staff members. It is a surf and turf appetizer with both Ribeye steak and shrimp. Start with twelve seasoned grilled shrimp and pair this with sliced and grilled steak. Two of man’s best friends meet and share the same plate over a bed of lettuce with a few lemons for garnish. Stan is definitely the man when it comes to this dish. Tender, juicy shrimp perfectly seasoned with just a touch of heat, and expertly seared and flavorful steak. Tasty flavor that for some is a full meal and for others enough for sharing.

Next, I tried one of the new entrees, the bourbon fried pork chop. Start with a 10-ounce pork chop that has been dredged with a seasoned honey bourbon breading then fried, allowing the breading to crisp up and turn a rich golden color. Lay this meaty master on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes next to a colorful veggie medley. This is a perfect fall dish with filling flavor. The pork chop breading was crunchy and sweet with a warm honey blanket keeping in a juicy and tender pork chop. The mashed potatoes were creamy and delicious, and the veggie mix of zucchini, squash, red pepper, and green beans were lightly seasoned and snappy fresh. This dish has heart, soul and a perfect dish to pair with any of their bourbon drinks.

The Rickhouse also offers weekly dinner specials from Cajun shrimp & grits, meatloaf, prime rib and seafood just to name a few. On Sunday enjoy brunch with all menu items cooked to order.

Hours are Monday-Saturday 4-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 4-11 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and 4-10 p.m. Catering services also are available for your next offsite event.

For more information, call 252-689-6377. For information about booking the Rickhouse Reserve, call Greer Jones at 252-702-9480 or email therickhousereserve@gmail.com.


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