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Life after college offers more lessons


Melissa Glen


By Melissa Glen

Monday, November 11, 2019

Well, according to my student loans payment notice, it has officially been six months since I graduated from East Carolina University.

Following this realization, all I have to say is that the real world is no friend of mine — to put it lightly, it frankly kinda sucks. I mean bills, responsibility, making plans for the future — why did anyone think this should be something to work toward? All jokes aside though, graduating college has taught me some lessons that I think might be valuable for those heading into the adult world after me.

And for the price of $19.99 a month for the next year, I will be willing to share these secrets. Unless of course the readers of this article are broke like me. In that case, just keep reading — all will be revealed.

6 Rules Learned in 6 months

1. Beware of student loans. I always knew loans were a serious deal, but it wasn’t until I found out just how much I would be paying monthly that it really hit me. So for those reading this who are still in college, be careful about where taking out a loan from, as well as how much of a loan to accept. Start saving as soon as possible and apply for as many scholarships as possible while still in school.

2. Finding jobs won’t be easy. It will take time and patience, and it will be discouraging. But even if finding a job comes easy, realize it may mean settling and accepting a job that hasn’t always been the goal or the ideal job. The main priority is finding a job that pays, from there the rest will follow.

3. Having roommates at any age is challenging and not without its problems, so when deciding whether to live with someone or alone after college, keep that in mind. On the other hand, if moving to a new city is in the plans, having a roommate may make the transition easier and ensure at least one friendly face.

4. Be prepared to lose friends. It’s not easy to accept but it’s inevitable: some friendships are solely college friendships. Graduation means moving for many and not all friends will keep in contact after moving, especially with the demands of adulthood in the picture. Those who do, though, are the ones that will stick. Trust me.

5. Staying in the same town where one went to college can sometimes be a bigger transition than leaving that town. In my particular case, securing a job in Greenville was nice because I was familiar with the area and still knew people there. However, it was also hard to adjust to, because all my friends who were still in college are in a whole different stage of life than I am and still see things through the college lens. On top of that, most of my peers had left the town and were off on their own adventures.

6. Budgeting is a necessary evil. It’s not supposed to be fun nor will it be, so don’t believe anyone who says differently. However, it is still needed for survival.

Overall, as much as adulthood sucks, it has its perks. I mean look on the bright side, most adults just have to knock out work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then get the rest of the day to do whatever they want. Unless they chose the newspaper business, of course.

But let’s be honest, no one sane does that, so no need to worry.

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