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Nov. 8 Bless Your Heart


Friday, November 8, 2019

The ECU marching Pirates band has always been filled with gifted musicians. But my heart is especially thrilled whenever I hear the drum line, even more so when they are performing the marching cadence as they approach the stadium before the football games!

A big BYH to all who are able and willing to donate blood. A precious friend has cancer and is requiring transfusions of both whole blood as well as platelets because of the disease itself and the chemotherapy. Had never known about this kind of need before. So, we are very grateful to know this life-saving help is available because many have donated their blood.

BYH, who is this one cyclist in Greenville that complains about everything?

BYH to deputies with beards. I really do not care if they shave or not. But they do not look like someone of authority and give an appearance, of someone who is not concerned with professionalism. You set an example for the areas you serve. You are above the normal standard and should act accordingly.

BYH to those who think beards are OK for law enforcement officers. That is OK. Wearing a ribbon would do just as good. How many state troopers wear beards. They look professional. I was in the Army; I was not allowed a beard. Most law enforcement departments have roll calls with line ups to check for the officer’s appearance. The look of authority is important. Many today are sloppy-looking enough without a beard added.

BYH to the person saying having meals shipped to you puts on weight. Try not eating the whole box at one meal.

They said “skipping,” but this is still good advice.

BYH Greenville citizens. A small minority of those of you who are registered to vote endorsed the mayor and council members who endorsed the annexation of an area way outside of Greenville that will be erased of all existing vegetation  and replaced by cheaply constructed, cookie-cutter housing with no buffers and major light pollution. Development without regard to consequences. Do you like Greenville Boulevard? Well, more of the same is on the way.

BYH to the drivers who think it's OK to pull out in front of me within 100 feet of my approach going 45 mph, please wait the 3 seconds for me to pass to avoid heavy braking or an accident, my brakes may fail to be applied one day. On the other hand, I need a new truck anyway, make sure your auto insurance is paid up.

BYH to the person making a statement on Greenville road repairs. Repairs are good, but use common sense when dealing with the repairs and flowing traffic. People and businesses must continue on while the roads are being repaired. Time is money.

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