BYH, when there is a solar energy spill, it's just called a NICE DAY. (this one has better wording than the other one I...

Nov. 7 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, November 7, 2019

BYH to you wanting directions to Brook Valley via the Bless Your Heart. Hello! Just Google it.

The directions from Bless Your Heart would be far more colorful.

A no BYH to those family members I do for and don’t treat me with respect. I am tired of all of it. I do and do and do but I don’t get any response at all? No! Hope you get coal in your stockings.

BYH Greenville leaders for not doing enough to encourage people to rent spaces in our new expensive parking garage. The solution is simple: eliminate all of the government-subsidized on-street parking spaces and make Five Points plaza paid spaces. Free street parking is government-sponsored theft of public lands for car owners!

BYH to those who forget the real reason for the season. Christmas starts on Christmas Day — that is the first day of the season and it ends 12 days later. The rest of this noise is from capitalism and consumerism creeping into our lives from Santa (Satan spelled a different way).

Bless your heart to the person who thinks Santa plays favorites. Santa is like God, he loves all of us unconditionally. And bypassing Thanksgiving for the crass materialism of Christmas is a sad reflection on our American holiday. Stop rushing the season, enjoy the journey.

Can we start an “OK, Boomer” column in response to the BYHs?

Just sign off with, “OK, Boomer.”

I think it would be appropriate for Greenville, Winterville and South Hall (and the Greenville City Council) to set up and run front-end alignment shops free of charge because of the delayed construction of the four-lane down Evans and Old Tar!

BYH to the traffic engineers in Greenville who refuse to lower speed limits to safer levels and install more speed bumps on dangerous roads. The police no longer seem to enforce the posted maximum speed limits, but people wish to be safe from distracted, speeding drivers. So answer the will of the people and make our city safer by lowering the limits and installing hundreds of more bumps where people live and kids play or go to school.

BYH to our children in school. Minor misbehaving in class is not a death sentence offense, but our doctors want to give our children addictive, and habit-forming drugs to control this. Drugs can kill. We teach our children to avoid drugs, and we see daily doctors giving our children dangerous drugs for no reason. Why?

BYH to people making decisions. Use common sense. Think, evaluate and do. Simple. Keep your mouth shut until you have something appropriate to say. Even a mule has common sense, and that is more than most people use today.

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