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Nov. 4 Bless Your Heart


Monday, November 4, 2019

BYH to anyone who says Nov. 1 is too early to hang Christmas lights or put up the tree. There's a reason Santa loves us more than you.

BYH to the individual who desired to smell the turkey of the wealthy in the Brook Valley cut through. The best smelling turkey in the world is on a U.S. Army base in the mess hall. As an Army brat, we would eat a Thanksgiving dinner on the base. The aroma of sage would make my mouth water a quarter mile away.

Bless my heart. This is the 13th day that we've been playing bingo, and my card is broken. I have only gotten two numbers so far. :-(

Hang in there. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Keep your eyes on the prize.

With all the sad stories, vitriol and anger in Bless Your Heart, I'd like to say thank you to The Daily Reflector for when the color in the comics lets the sun break through on the most gloomy of days. Thank for a little simple joy!

BYH to the designer of the payment system at the parking garage. Three adults, five attempts, and we finally got a receipt with the wrong time for the amount we paid. And do something about the display. It’s almost invisible!

What is going on with all these leaves coming down? Is this because of climate change? Should we all turn off our electric to save the trees? Or I know the answer: We should all build safe spaces so we don't have to worry anymore.

Time for ECU to get a chancellor who is more of a defensive type guy than an offense guy. Defense wins football championships. Oh, I know you love the air-raid offense, but it has not been serving us well. Get a chancellor who wants to build a strong defense and the Pirates will be a force in the AAC.

BYH to those who have to endure Don Davis' representation in Raleigh. He is bad for eastern North Carolina.

Bless your heart to the sound engineers at the local TV stations. I have arthritis from adjusting the volume on my end. Help an old man out.

BYH to those who protect, and serve us at our sheriff's office. How unprofessional is the sheriff to allow deputies to grow beards and shame the uniform.

BYH to all of us these holidays coming up. May we stop thinking like a Democrat or Republican. Let us be a strong nation in one accord. Let us do what is good for our country and drop our attitudes and one-sided opinions. Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

BYH to adult children who will not listen. Adult children are grown, that is a fact, but listening to your parents' wise words is smart. Let them help you avoid their mistakes.

BYH to Mark Meadows we are lucky to have him in congress as a leading principled conservative. He is a North Carolina jewel.

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