BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

Aug. 25 Bless your heart


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Bless the heart of the guy whose date didn't want to play outdoor chess. If you ask me, domed stadiums and artificial turf have ruined outdoor chess.

BYH to all those encouraging Greenville to welcome back ECU students. Welcome back traffic! Welcome back DUIs! Welcome back noise! Welcome back crime! Yes, welcome back ECU!

"Au contraire mon frère," ECU will become the next great university once our football team starts winning again. The team will take us to new heights. All we need to do is to keep raising student athletic fees until only rich kids come here.

Coach Houston fired up the ECU freshman and told them to invest in ECU football. And here I thought the students were already heavily invested through that $18 million per year they pay in student athletic fees.

BYH to the person who thinks ECU students are "rude and hateful." How monumentally wrong you are. If you have that much contempt then move. ECU does so much good for Greenville, how dare you.

One ECU board member said the reason students come to ECU is for football. I got a real scare when the ECU trained surgeon was getting ready to take out my appendix. I asked, "How is the football team this year?" He answered, "I have never followed sports." I prayed that he would find his love for ECU football before I died on the operating table. He must have as it was a successful operation. Arrrgh!

The July issue of Harper’s Magazine noted that “as of 2018 the highest-paid public employee in eight of the 50 states was the basketball coach; in thirty-one, it was the football coach.” It goes on to report that the overwhelming majority of American colleges and universities don’t make money on their athletic programs but instead let them chew up valuable resources.

BYH to four good Samaritans who stopped to check on me after I fell. I was blessed to have them make sure I was alright. There are not enough kind acts in the world today. May the lord bless each of you.

BYH to those who feel they must give school supplies to kids. We are teaching parents that they are not responsible to supply their own children's needs. Every parent can and should meet their own children's needs. No one pays for my children's supplies, except me. Everyone wants a free handout. What does it teach our kids?

I met Mayor Connelly this afternoon at a book bag giveaway and he was nice enough to speak to my daughter at the event. He was so kind and friendly and my daughter was so star-struck from meeting our mayor!

I would like to say thank you to Anna at Walton Academy. She took time out of her morning to help me find child care for my granddaughter since we live outside their bus route. She went above and beyond, giving me numbers and names of others to help. And I want you to know I found a child care center. That is a true BYH you made my day.

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