BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

Aug. 18 Bless your heart


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Could you tell us in advance where the Scene Around photographer will be taking pictures? I had my teeth whitened and I have a beautiful new girlfriend I want to show both off to my ex-wife. Please let me know soon as my teeth are fading again as well as the new girlfriend.

True southern BYH meaning (look it up) to Mayor Connelly, who now after the delay of Arlington decides to fine them. The city should have been on top of the delays, and the schedule should have started sooner before Rose High was to start school year.

A BYH to Mr. Tom Taft Jr. with his comment that Dickinson Avenue needs to be fixed sooner than Fire Tower. I suggest you should drive down Fire Tower at any time of the day. You might have a different outlook like the majority of us.

BYH to the Greenville Boulevard traffic that is slower than people walking once again now that ECU is back in session. If the city would complete the street with sidewalks and bike lanes we could reduce the number of cars and everyone would move faster and safer. C'mon P.J., fix this mess and add the crosswalks that are still missing!

Forward thinking is what was needed for the city for many years. My friends and I were floored when we heard the city was planning a New Year’s celebration in Greenville! So often we would drive down to the beach but this year we will stay at home.

Mayor Connelly, when are we getting a minor league baseball team? My boys really would like to watch some high-level baseball so they can see what the pros do.

Bless the heart of the mayor for all the great things you do for our city. When everyone else wants to be negative you always take the more positive route.

Bless your heart people of Greenville and Pitt County. You do realize that if you live in the ETJ you can't vote for the people that make decisions about your life? Call your state representative and let’s have ETJ's removed in North Carolina.

People who live outside the ETJ cannot vote in the city either, but the city may annex the farmland next to them if the owners ask the city to do so.

If we had followed the Horizon Land Use Plan there would be no pimento cheese on chicken biscuits and Cheryl would not be allowed to rebuild her she-shed! You call that progress?

Appears the interim director of Uptown Greenville has good knowledge of its operations. So let's look elsewhere, form a committee, start a search, delay continuity and hurt morale rather than hire from within.

BYH City of Greenville. I ventured downtown today. Despite the multiple detours and speed cushions I eventually arrived at my destination. All that was missing from my excursion was listening to Henry Hinton and driving through Brook Valley. I feel cheated.

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