BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

Aug. 17 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, August 17, 2019

BYH to everyone who voted in the reflector.com poll to say they were unhappy the students were back. A college town is nothing without its students! Welcome to all the new Pirates, and welcome back returning Pirates. I, for one, am glad to have you here.

BYH to all the cyclists coming to Greenville on Oct. 3. Many of us would be happy if you went somewhere else to spend your money and take the local cyclists with you.

BYH to his victims, but why hasn’t anyone, other than me, asked why so many parents allowed their minor children to associate with Epstein unsupervised. IMHO they are guilty of child abuse and should be prosecuted.

BYH to the person deriding Vern Davenport. Criticize Shanahan all you want to. He deserves it. Before the year is over I believe you will eat your words about Davenport. I am optimistic about a quality, cooperative board that makes great decisions together. Maybe more positivity will lead us to that.

BYH to President Trump. Any sane person can accept the fact that Trump acts like an ass and is about half-crazy. However, to speak on his behalf, he is not a liberal, communist as are almost all the Democratic candidates.

Stephen Miller, Trump adviser, is like Edith Wilson. She ran the country in secret while Woodrow Wilson was sick and incapacitated. Miller is running the country behind the scenes for a president who is sick, deranged, a racist, an egomaniac and the divider-in- chief. The problem is Miller is also deranged and a white supremacist and is anti-immigrant, anti-women and anti-poor people.

So the city OKs an area to be annexed despite public opinion. In fact they did not list one reason why this action should be agreed to. So why did the city do it? Bless our lovely City Council, who says it has to have a reason.

What a disgrace for our city to see the lack of professionalism at the City Council meeting. Councilman Smiley was flat-out rude, and his inflammatory remarks were degrading to the staff as well as the guests in attendance.

Is it possible that Mayor Connelly could represent all of Pitt County and not just Greenville? We have some sorry representatives right now and they have no vision for our county.

Don’t know who owns the two dogs on Westminster that are loose and start running at you when you are on your bike innocently riding on a city street, but I have rights too. Hope I will always have my mace if they attack me, bless their hearts.

A big BYH to the individual who left the hateful note on my godmother’s car. If you don’t like us using your ballroom, then pay higher dues and fees so you all won’t have to rent it out to make up the difference. But I guess meanness and stingy goes together.

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