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Aug. 13 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Congratulations to the East for standing up, standing firm and standing together in defense of our health care.

BYH to Democratic Congressional candidate Allen Thomas. He is calling for “common-sense” gun controls. We already know what that means to the Dems. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens, abolishing the 2nd Amendment and becoming one of Pelosi’s lackey.

BYH Greenville for tearing up Arlington in front of Rose HS and spending almost 5 million dollars to do it. Y'all still forget that some of us try to walk this area and ya refuse to put in a sidewalk on the south side of the road from Evans to Hooker roads. You spend money on a greenway that is too dangerous to get to across Evans but won't even include a sidewalk on both sides of the road to make it safe for our children to get to school!!

Thank you, Allen Thomas, for your common sense call for "common sense" gun legislation. Walter B. Jones Jr. would approve.

If ICE wants to round illegal immigrants up, just drive out to the nearby fields on any given work day. These hard-working people are bringing in our food, tobacco, and profits everyday. BYH for those who want them gone. Our crops would drop in the fields without them here doing the work Americans do not wish to do.

Bless the heart of those who call everyone racist. You can't win an argument so everyone is a racist. The new liberal agenda.

As the oldest member of our Bible Study many of the young men ask me about the meaning of life. I tell them that for them to discover the true meaning of their life they must get married. Then their bride will explain the meaning of their life which revolves around taking out the garbage and agreeing with everything her and her family believe. It is not complicated at all.

Watching the news makes me thankful that I live in Greenville where the political climate is not what we are seeing in the national politics.

Bless Allen Thomas, weren't you the one that raised taxes on all the citizens when you were the mayor?

So excited for the new restaurant at the Jones Lee House! Thank you mayor and council for saving this historic house for our city.

So the roadwork on Arlington Boulevard will not be completed by the time J.H. Rose School starts. Why am I not surprised? How many thought it would be? There is a lesson here for the students but I am not sure what it is.

Bernie Sanders is running for president this year; free everything for everyone! Sorry buddy, Santa only comes around Greenville once a year and not 365 days a year.

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