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Aug. 12 Bless Your Heart


Monday, August 12, 2019

BYH to people who say ECU Board of Trustees Chairman Vern Davenport deserves a chance. He’s been a trustee for six years and was the vice chairman last term. He was involved in a number of bad decisions. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

Bless the heart of the school board for their failure to plan for the future. You wait for development to take place before realizing all our schools are over crowded.

Bless your heart, none of the people against the rezonings lived in the city limits and they aren't constituents. Give me a break.

Bless your heart, it's apparent when you write a BYH. Choose to be better instead of bitter.

How about if the ECU athletic department was called on to transfer $13 million to the academic side? Would the protests of the fans be relevant? Duh.

There is a new movie out about liberals hunting down deplorables. Probably not the best advertisement for gun control. Might be wise to keep mine.

BYH, Trump supporters baffle me. Imagine their response if Obama said he was in love with Kim Jong Un, or if he said he could grab woman by their (expletive deleted), or if he bragged about walking backstage at teen pageants to see the naked underage teen girls. That alone would end somebody's career.

BYH, the only death I see is the Democrat's chances for having a president elected in the next 50 years. That party is a mess.

I am all for allowing teachers and retail employees to be armed. After you arm them, then they can unionize and you can't just send in a Pinkerton force to wipe them out. Labor ultimately wins.

Thank you to the city council for annexing the property on Mills Road into the city. I've been wanting to move out there for a while but did not want to be stuck with a septic system that will fail.

BYH, to the City of Greenville. Why is it that your wishes override the citizens' wishes in Pitt County out in the country? What is it that you do not understand? They do not want your city services. They want to be left alone, and just as they are. If you want to be a city, do so, let country folks alone. All you want is to please big builders, and get the tax money.

Bless our collective hearts. The Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to own ammunition. So allow the Federal government to impose a $5 tax on every bullet sold. Allow state lawmakers impose a $3 tax and county government place a $2 tax on every bullet. I feel this would slow down gun violence.

BYH ECU. Our athletics department has been spending too much money, but no one says a word when a report comes out. The tenured trustees have kept everything quiet, because secrecy is best for fixing problems.

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