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July 21 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, July 21, 2019

BYH. I don't remember the 24/7 main stream news media or New York denouncing Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorable" statement and "not Americans" about us Trump supporters at an LGBTQ rally. Can we say double standards?

How dare you ECU allow that racist sentiment to desecrate the university. The University will suffer financially from this decision. I know I won’t send my children to receive your backward cornfield education. Tomorrow starts here, what a joke.

Bless the people in the housing authority that are complaining about having to use window units. I have been using them for 2 years because my central went out and I cannot afford to get it replaced. I work everyday and pay ALL of my own bills and I am staying cool with window units.

BYH, the correct term is criminal illegal alien, not migrant.

If we legalize all drugs then the jail booking photo section would be greatly reduced. And the justice system would be streamlined. Time to stop the war on drugs and allow each person the "right to choose." Let us make our own choices in life.

Rep. Greg Murphy, you have sold your soul. You have aligned yourself with a president who pushes hateful disgusting rhetoric. You were a distinguished, compassionate physician, how could you do this? You will never again receive support from me.

How many stood in line to here the president and later heard his denounce the statements quickly. Greenville, he threw you under the bus and the entire city because it was expedient. Really, it seemed to be a Modern Day Klan Rally.

Let's invite the female Congressional "Squad" to ECU! Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley we love you!

Be proud Greenville. We made national & international headlines, with the crowd chanting "send her back". The president said he didn't say anything. It was the people in the crowd.

Bless Our Hearts Trumps own staffers started that chant. It was well timed and deliberate. Now he lies and we get the blame. I'll not vote for him again.

Although I could not attend the Trump rally, as I watched Air Force One fly over my home, I was filled with patriotism for this great country we live in....and while Trump is not a perfect man (who is?), if there is one thing I’m absolutely sure of, it’s that he loves this country and wants it to prosper, and to me, that’s a strong reason to keep him in office. 

BYH PJ for the statement against the hate chant. Perhaps now we need to send Rep Omar a personal invitation to Greenville to back up your words with actions and show her and the world that she and everyone else is welcome here before Greenville's name is permanently destroyed

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