BYH to those car owners who think more of their own comfort by running their engines in front of schools instead of...

July 11 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Instead of spending our tax dollars to profit a second airline at PGV, why not make the airport a bit better with the funds? Coordinate the bus system or a shuttle to the new 17 million dollar so-called "multi-modal" transportation center or even install sidewalks so customers can safely get to macs transit.

So research apparently shows that selling alcohol reduces alcohol related incidents. Does that mean we should also sell marijuana?

Bless your heart to equal justice for all in the U.S.A. This is a joke. There are two types of law in this country. One for the politicians and rich. Then one for the average joes. Guess which one gets the shaft?

You would have to be a complete fool to run against Mayor Connelly, he has been outstanding for our city and is the best mayor we have ever had.

Joan Perry- thank you for spending so much money in Pitt County for your failed congressional run. Our economy was infused and the fat cats like Henry Hinton are grateful for the swamp money.

BYH, I want to be a fly on that wall as Trump supporters try to justify to Christ when the time comes why they empowered a man who stood and worked for everything Christ ever taught against.

Can you really be a racist if more minorities are in the work force and the unemployment rate is lower than the entire Obama Presidency? Nope.

BYH, well at least Trump supporters are safe during the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are only looking to eat brains.

If you are on the fence about supporting Allen Thomas, remember he will be in D.C. as a Pelosi democrat and not an independent like he tries to portray himself as. No one runs on their own in congress and Allen Thomas would sell his soul to the devil.

Thank you Greenville for starting to fix Arlington in front of Rose HS. Maybe finally these kids will be able to walk to school on both sides of the road safely instead of having to dodge these speeding cars like some kind of bizarre Frogger game. I can't wait for new sidewalks on both sides of the whole road.

BYH to Greg Murphy. Now that you have won the primary, will you let the voters know where you stand on issues? How disappointing and concerning that you wouldn't respond to a survey about off-shore drilling.

Thank you Winslow's for being one of the only restaurants in Uptown to have a bicycle parking rack. With Greenville being host to a thousand plus cyclists in a few weeks, you'll be sent lots of business. Restaurants, bars, and shops without racks installed by then will miss out on this flood of business, Bless Their Hearts.

I see the retailers are already putting out the back-to-school supplies. Why traumatize the wee bairns while they are enjoying their vacation? It is cruel and unusual punishment!

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