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June 15 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Bless the hearts of the folks in the third district. So “ interesting “ to see two conservative Christian doctors who are the Republican candidates for the third district go at each other. Love thy neighbor flew out the window pretty quickly! Honestly, it’s pretty disheartening.

This is the best city council the city has ever had and the worst set of county commissioners our county has ever had. Can Greenville be removed from Pitt County?

I heard the veto governor was in town this week to collect money from donors, wonder why he isn't in Raleigh trying to save Vidant?

Thank you to the city of Greenville for the new parking on Greene Street. My job is the Uptown and it's nice to be able to park in the 2 hour parking while I report to work.

Eastern Pines Fire Department - I have always supported your efforts in the past but your request for a 2.75 increase in the fire tax crosses the line. Do the MATH, that is a 64% increase. I wished I could get a 64% increase in my income, but I can't. I'm on a fixed income. County Commissioners, PLEASE STOP THIS!

A huge bless your heart to Principal Diane Denham and her staff at Lake Forest Elementary. The behavior of the students at the third and fourth grade Awards Ceremony was exemplary!! The students were so respectful. It was very refreshing to see!

BYH, have you noticed that the same people who voted for Trump because he 'said what he means' have spent the last 2 years explaining he didn't mean what he said?

BYH Pitt County DA's office. We all know everyone deserves a second chance. Even poor drunk drivers! What a way to keep Pitt County safe! Thanks!!

BYH, someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, but proposing to destroy clean water with chemical warfare, like fracking, doesn't make a corporation a terrorist.

Bless your heart to my three grandchildren who did such a wonderful thing by donating blood. I am so very proud of all of you. When you were asked about giving blood you didn't hesitate.

Bless your heart to the people Cina Ohid. One of your vets died during the Memorial Day weekend and didn't have any family members. Some of you in the community came together to give him a funeral. That was truly nice of them especially during the Memorial Day Weekend which goes to show you there are still some good and caring people.

Bless your heart to Highway 55 restaurant across from Burlington's. Your food is so delicious and the atmosphere is so pleasant. The owner and the manager are professional and courteous. When my friend and I go there to eat we always get very good service. Keep up the good work.

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