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June 14 Bless Your Heart


Friday, June 14, 2019

BYH to Bob Garner, for speaking so candidly about his struggles with mental health. Bringing these issues into the sunlight and showing that fabulous, talented and productive people manage their disease successfully is a wonderful gift to his readers.

When it rains it pours. When you go through a dry spell and then it rains a lot it is a sign of global warming. Or maybe it is a sign of a dry spell and then a lot of rain. From what I understand it has happened before. You know, dry then it rains.

Everyone you ask has a different opinion over the Vidant/UNC-system/ECU conundrum. Betty the Bojangles biscuit maker says it is all about politics. The neighbor with the barking dog says it relates to Gov. Cooper's reelection campaign. And Calvin has not put out an email about it yet. I'm waiting for Oprah's opinion myself.

'BYH' to hypocritical Republicans, who are silent and let Trump get away with things that would have anybody else jailed. Obviously their ethics are situational and their 'principles' shift according to what party you are in.

BYH to the drug addict that sits in front of Five Below! He is a drug addict, why are you enabling him by giving him money and food? Someone said the other day, but he looks so thin. Number 1, he is a drug addict, Number 2, it was raining out and he looked liked a wet cat. He walks everywhere. He needs to be put in a rehab. Some days he is just really really out of it. None functional, you wonder how he got there! But he walks where he needs to go. He has all day to do what he does "Nothing"! But don't enable him!

I've got a great way to solve the college loan "crisis" we have in this country. How about everyone pays back their loan per the agreement they signed. If we are going to get the government involved in paying everyone's debt, I want a new BMW !

Bless our hearts. Greg Murphy regularly complains about predictably negative campaign ads. Allen Thomas shifted blame to his wife for causing his trailer park to become a Third World disaster zone. Is Joan Perry the adult running slow and steady to win this race?

Rep. Greg Murphy, keep doing what you do and don't worry about the negative ads. We will not elect a woman that supported the democratic opponent of a sitting congressman.

BYH to Vidant, oh the irony. You say UNC is trying to take over the hospital when the reality is right in front of us. Just ride around town and look at ALL the Drs. offices Vidant has taken over. And from what I hear, none of them are really pleased with how that's turning out.

Thank you to the city for focusing on stormwater, I know the last liberal council talked about it but this one is actually fixing it.

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