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June 13 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, June 13, 2019

BYH to the Kiwanis Club of the Golden K for providing a book to every First Grader in the Pitt County Public Schools for the 10th year.

BYH to Physicians East Urgent Care 1711 Arlington Blvd you advertise closing at 7:45. I arrive at 7:20 to a locked door with 5 employees walking around inside but no one letting me in. I suspect I have a bladder infection and am leaving the country the in 30 hours. Why do you post a time you are not honoring?

BYH to Vidant. There is this mess going on between Vidant and UHC. Per Dr Waldrum, Vidant CEO UHC wants to take us over. Tom Fetzer on Pirate radio said this is a malicious statement and not want to do this. Vidant is talking about all the money we will lose but yet they gave Waldrum a 5 yr extension. He makes $1.2 million per year!! I know who I believe and trust and its not anyone at Vidant.

Quite the contrast between the leadership with the city and the county. Mayor Connelly has things operating like a machine while Beth Ward is setting off landmines.

As a downtown merchant it was nice to see council member Brian at the task force meeting this week. It shows that you care about our local businesses and want to hear out thoughts on the decisions.

Bless the heart of those who keep attacking Rep. Murphy, leave the little guy alone and focus your efforts on the mini gnome running on the democratic ticket.

Mayor Connelly, you're doing a great job and these negative nancys are only upset that we don't have their tax and spend friends in office.

BYH and all hail Donald Trump, the coddler of autocrats, the would-be destroyer of the European Union, the bone-spur evader of the Viet Nam draft, the pay-up now denigrator of NATO, the apologist for the white supremacists of Charlottesville. To study him is to understand the word 'impostor'.

Bless the heart of the people complaining about the county commissioners, remember several of them take the bus from the old folks home to get there and we need to be respectful for our elders.

A no BYH to turtle haters who try to hit them when they are trying to cross the road! I saw you turn around and aiming for that poor turtle. How would you feel if that was you trying to cross the road?

Bless my heart, I attended the 5K run this week and when we ran over the 10th Street Connector it hit me how much our city has changed. Thank you to the mayor and council for your great leadership with guiding our city forward.

Bless Your Heart Dr. Lenker for giving failing administrators more opportunities while firing dedicated teachers and coaches.

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