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May 15 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BYH, the USA loves immigrants. We don't love, and actually have disdain for, illegal immigration. We are a country of laws.

The Concert on the Common series is so special to our community and my family enjoys attending the concerts. The musical acts have been stupendous this year! Thank you, Greenville, for this entertainment venue that families can enjoy together.

BYH to the NRA hater. Your ignorance is overwhelming.

News outlets reported the Pentagon is reallocating $1.5 billion to the U.S.-Mexico border wall. They do need a lot of money since it appears to begin at the new John Paul II sports complex. All those no trespassing signs add up too.

BYH to all of you who are saying such negative things about our teachers. From someone who has worked with children, I know it is a very stressful job. If you’ve never worked with children, it’s probably easy for you to say negative things. Try being in a classroom by yourself with 25 or 30 kids. I support the teachers 100 percent and will continue.

Passing a resolution to support Medicaid expansion is about the most ridiculous thing I have heard about. Can we get commissioners Owens and Farley back?

Serious question, who is winning more — the City Council or the Pirates? #winning

BYH, Harry Smith. Vidant and the county leaders saw what you did to ECU's board and chancellor and they simply said, "No thanks, Harry." Thank God they had the intestinal fortitude to do something before it was too late for eastern North Carolina. At least one of our institutions is safe from your corruption.

Bless your heart to our Winterville leaders. You have just about ruined your political future by trying to ram a multimillion dollar greenway down the throats of your constituents. Fix what we have now before building more!

BYH, who thinks a trade war with China is a good idea? The cost of tariffs will be made up by the cost of the goods. In other words, China won't ultimately pay them — you will pay for them.

BMH. I took my first trip up and over the new 10th Street bridge yesterday. After months of anticipation, I couldn't help but take my hands off the wheel, raise them to the heavens and shout "Wheeeee!"

That $20 million transfer to the ECU athletic department is already paying dividends. The baseball team won the regular season championship proving that you must spend a dollar to make a dime! Never doubt that those in the Ivy Tower do not know what they are doing! Arrgh.

BYH, if you've ever wondered what you would have done during slavery, the holocaust or the civil rights movement, you're doing it right now.

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