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April 20 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, April 20, 2019

BYH and thank you to the beautiful lady in Egg Yolks Cafe on Tuesday morning who paid for breakfast for three sisters-in-Christ having an enjoyable time. Our laughter and fellowship brightened your day and you brightened ours. We will pass and have been passing it on.

BYH to the students who now know they got into a college because of their parents' willingness to lie, cheat, bribe, and steal a place from another student. The only honorable thing to do is to resign from the school and apply elsewhere on your own merits.

Bless the heart of the liberals running for Congress. Their progressive agendas do not represent us in the east and they fit in more in the Triangle with the other transplants from the North.

BYH, the headline read: “I before E except after C disproved by science.”

We may be witnessing the fall of the U.S. empire. Would a civilized country limit health care or food assistance for the poor, target women and eliminate their reproductive rights while refusing to help the resulting babies, abuse desperate immigrants, pretend to believe in Christianity while debasing its tenet, and refuse to protect the earth from destruction? History is watching.

I haven't seen too many boondoggles lately with the city. I guess the new leadership understands the value of a dollar.

BYH, the best kind of love isn't happy. The best kind of love is honest. I just heard that.

Bless the heart of my next-door neighbor. He is a Trump and Fox News-loving, brainwashed robot. He is against health care for all and has gone all in on Fox's latest propaganda ploy — fear of "socialism." My neighbor has been receiving Medicare and federal disability benefits for decades. I'm tempted to scroll "hypocrisy" on his forehead.

I didn't realize that Tom Best had become a city councilman. Awful sneaky of him to change his name to Will Litchfield.

BYH Dr. Bill Roper. So let me get this straight. A Republican senator with a doctorate from Oxford and decades of higher education experience is not good enough, but a Democrat political hack is? I guess we now know the new qualifications for a chancellor. Political payback.

BYH to the person who thinks “Carolina Cares” isn’t Medicaid. It is federal money, as is Medicaid, dressed up with a requirement to work. Dr. Greg Murphy and the hospitals want that federal money, folks. Look at the good doctor’s campaign reports and see who sponsors him. Fox guarding the henhouse.

Bless our Hearts, Jimmy Carter just explained why China is on its way to getting ahead of us. China hasn't gone to war since 1979, while the U.S. hasn't not been at war. End the wars.

BYH, no I did not say I want to exercise, I said I wanted extra fries.

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