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April 19 Bless Your Heart


Friday, April 19, 2019

BYH to Sup Dogs for winning the Best College Bar In America. Maybe this accolade will educate Greenville police and the city staff to allow you to operate Doggie Jams without so much red tape and babysitting the volume decimal like a high school dance party. I’m sorry you had to endure the bureaucracy up until the show started.

BYH to the one person who thinks Greenville needs minor league baseball. We already have some the best baseball around the country with the high school teams and top 10 ECU. Why waste a bunch of taxpayers’ money for a semi-pro stadium? They will eat your taxes alive! Please give up the one-man campaign for this very dumb idea.

Bless the heart of Allen Thomas. If he were to win the congressional seat would he still live in Greenville? If not, let's all get behind him and send him to D.C. for good!

Bless my heart, I went downtown for the first time in two years and noticed the new restaurants on Dickinson Avenue where I use to drive through as fast as I could. This city has changed so much and it's wonderful to see the new leadership embracing the change.

Congress should castrate the men who impregnate women so they don’t have to get an abortion. If you want to punish and talk crap about women, do the same to the men.

Given the amount of plastic that continues to clog our water system, kill the wildlife and fishes and pollute our own bodies, why doesn't Pitt County or even Greenville do something to begin the end this destruction of our world? BYH for your inaction.

BYH, Trump has solicited cyber espionage (Russia if you're listening ...), he has elicited violence (I'd like to punch him in the face, if you beat up a protestor at my rally I'll pay your legal defense bills), and he has even tacitly incited civil war (our “side” has 8 trillion bullets, plus the military, the police and biker gangs). What kind of man is this?

BYH to the sanctuary cities — not! What do you have to offer the immigrants other than poverty and slums? They wanted a better life, not street gangs and slums. Most of them want to work. Most are probably good agricultural workers, stonemasons and caregivers. We also need to make sure they are vetted and processed. Make arrangements with commercial farms to possibly employ them. But please employ the people in line first. First come, first served!

Bless the heart of the uneducated BYH submitters who still think the city decides what businesses will open where. If you want a a certain type business, save up and open it! On that note, it was also not the city that was responsible for “saving” the Jones-Lee house.

BYH, the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

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