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April 18 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, April 18, 2019

BYH, I'm fairly sure that a cup of covfefe, a glass of origin juice and a hamberder cures windmill cancer.

BYH, be someone you would want to be around forever.

BYH to Dr. Murphy who sponsored a redo of Carolina Cares and pretends it's not just Medicaid expansion. The hospital lobby must be proud.

BYH, who are America's real parasites? About 78,000 income filers making between $211,000-$533,000 paid zero income tax. About 24,000 making between $533,000-$2.2 million paid zero income tax. And 3,000 making over $2.2 million paid zero income tax. Republican Congressional tax loopholes cutting taxes for the rich to zero. Wake up, these people are not working for you.

BYH to the recent sixteen Republican vying for U.S. Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr.’s (may he rest in peace) seat in Congress. All of them 100 percent support President Trump none of them stands for or care about our military, families or veterans. Just like Sen. Thom Tillis abandoned northeastern North Carolina for the national emergency all the candidates have already falling in line to do the same. Just for the wall!

Bless the heart of the person complaining about the bright light in their neighborhood. You will be the first one to complain if your house was broken into because it was so dark outside. My neighbors and I are thankful for the new lights and it is so much safer at night when we walk our dogs.

BYH Greenville. I need to do business on the city website and it won't come up. I heard there were IT problems days ago. How long does it take to get it fixed? Get with it.

Raise car rates because people do not buy enough gas? BYH to these political leaders who support this idea. Why not simply raise the taxes on gas to pay for the roads? Or tax more roads with tolls? Or charge everyone by their miles driven? Why punish those who drive and pollute less unless you're just trying to support the oil fat cats?

No BYH to the Democrats who think they need to see President Trump's personal income tax returns. In my opinion, the president needs to request to see the Democrats’ returns if they have any to show. He needs to start with the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and work his way down. Fair is fair. That would really start a hornets nest and backfire in their face. They would lose a lot of sleep.

BYH to Jen and Bret Olivero, owners of Sup Dogs for winning Best College Bar In America. You lead by example and run a great bar and restaurant that our downtown Greenville can be proud of. I hope all the other bars in our downtown area will learn from your success. Thank you for deciding to stay in Greenville when you came to deal with the loss of the previous owner, Bret’s brother.

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