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April 15 Bless Your Heart


Monday, April 15, 2019

BYH to all the parents, locally and nationally, who lie, cheat, bribe, or manipulate the college admissions system to get their child in somewhere they desire. Your gaming of the system denies others a place they earned and deserve that your 'snowflake' takes. Karma, thankfully, is a meritocracy, however, and will come around.

BYH, Texas is considering a bill to execute a woman having an abortion, because nothing says 'pro-life' like killing someone.

BYH City Council. We're extremely happy to have the historic Jones-Lee home saved. Thank you. But why does it take so much pressure from the public for you to do the right thing at the last minute?

BYH to the field running the 3rd District congressional seat. So many running and only one clear choice. We have the opportunity to elect a leader that has the ability to represent all. We have the opportunity to elect a leader with experience. We have an opportunity to elect a leader that understands eastern N.C. Greg Murphy is the only candidate qualified and capable.

BYH to Greg Murphy. Don't you think it's tacky and inappropriate to put your political campaign signs, flyers, etc., at your public place of work (doctor office) where there are many subordinates working for you and colleagues put in an awkward position. Don't you think that's tacky and inappropriate?

BYH the new DA and the staff of the aistrict attorney's office. What an asset you are to our community. It is so nice to see our DA involved in the community and to see such a collaborative effort in so many areas for our community.

BYH, business owners. Run it like a business and be consistent!

BYH to the City of Greenville for your posters promoting "bike to school" day. Maybe if you made the city roads safe enough for children to ride a bike on, then I would allow it. To promote children riding bicycle to schools when the schools are not designed that way and your roads are designed to be dangerous to anyone not in a car is negligent at best.

BYH, Andrew Jackson. And people thought you ran a messy White House!

Bless my heart, still registered as a Republican, trying to find a candidate for the 3rd District willing to stand up to Trump when it is the right thing to do, like Walter Jones did.

Car crashes, roll overs, flying off bridges, taking out utility poles, killing pedestrians ... all in a single morning Pitt County drivers show off that we're number one on the state for the worse driving. BYH NCDOT and Greenville for having poorly designed roads operated on by poorly trained drivers with laws that are poorly enforced supported by courts that poorly prosecute speeders, distracted drivers, and DUIs.

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