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April 5 Bless Your Heart


Friday, April 5, 2019

Not my UNC Board of Governors. Make education in N.C. great again.

Bless your heart to all the candidates running for the 3rd District congressional seat. How many of you actually live in the 3rd District?

BYH to all those electioneering signs appearing in a large portion of Greenville which is in the 1st Congressional District.

BYH to all of the trees who pollute our area with all of their yellow pollen. Please be neat and clean up after yourself or at least wash my cars.

BYH to Teddy Roosevelt who said, “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.”

C'mon Greenville learn from the LimeBike mistakes. Approve a bike share service because they will be used all over town but regulate them so that they will not be used on sidewalks (per city law) and left parked only on the street, like other vehicles or in proper bike racks. If they are used like taxi cabs, then treat ‘em like taxi cabs.

BYH Henry. The thrice-married president who cheated on all three wives gets a pass, but ol’ Joe is the butt of an hours worth of jokes. You're as bad as the women on the view.

Bless your heart to people who can listen to Trump's insane ramblings for more than thirty seconds and still support him.

BYH, dear Democrats, you have blamed Trump for everything except Kennedy's death.

BYH to those who dislike the pollen coating their cars. Just remember that it really is just tree sperm and is part of nature's way of reproducing.

Bless my heart, I've been driving to Kinston more than 30 years to watch great minor league baseball. A fine stadium and atmosphere. Plus they sell good beer!

Selling wine and beer at ECU home games leads to fewer problems? Now those are interesting study results that defy common sense. BYH, NC Legislators

Bless the heart of Roy Williams for converting a walk-on into an All American — Luke Maye. This walk-on hit the game-winning shot versus Kentucky to help the Tar Heels win another natty. Name another coach in America who converted a walk-on into an All American? #coachoftheyear

BYH to the U.S. government that still discriminates against men by requiring them to register for the draft but excuses women even though the Supreme Court declared this unconstitutional. Let's have equal rights and require women to register as well or lose all federal jobs and federal financial aid.

BYH to the school leaders of Graham County for being the only school system in our entire state that still permits the physical beating of students by school staff. You are the last holdout, making N.C. the 32nd state in the country to ban this barbaric behavior. Stop abusing the children and start teaching them.

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