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March 21 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Bless our hearts! If Staton is not good enough to be chancellor because of alleged swamp controversy, how is he good enough to be an adviser? Guess to justify the $300,000 plus payout!

Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should listen to a friend tell her that it is very difficult to talk and learn at the same time. Much easier to listen and learn. If she would do herself a favor and listen and learn for the next six years, she would be a knowledgeable thirty year old. And believe me, socialism can wait. Seriously.

BYH to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Never before has a freshman representative worked cranky oldsters who pulled the ladder up behind them into such an obsessed tizzy before.

The N.C. General Assembly is considering the sale of alcohol at college football games. I am a strong supporter of getting drunk at the ball game only if drunk driving checkpoints will be set up on all the roads.

Once again ECU is blowing bubbles while other colleges are on the NCAA March Madness bubble watch. I think it is time to accept the reality of the "Curse of Minges" and call in an exorcist or build the town common bridge over the Tar River.

Jeb Bush is advocating that a GOP candidate oppose Trump for the 2020 nomination. Jeb would do it, but he is campaigning for the presidency of a Florida morning Rotary Club. You can send Jeb a campaign donation if you like.

The number of plastic bags, Styrofoam plates, fast food cups and plastic bottles that lie on the side of the road in Greenville is pathetic. Have you seen the undeveloped land around the intersection of Fire Tower Road and Whitley Drive? Or the ditches on Portertown? Or even better, the Walmart parking lot on 10th Street? Absolutely embarrassing!

BYH to all dog lovers. Dogs are pets, not humans. Dogs have no place in public offices, stores, businesses and especially around areas that serve food. Not everyone likes dogs. You need to respect this, and others. Leave your dog home. Also clean up behind your dog.

A 10-win ECU football season will make us forget all about the turmoil in the Ivy Tower. The cheers from the football stadium will drown out this blather.

BYH to all the tailgaters driving in Pitt County. Perhaps we should pull over and let you go by or maybe just meet at the auto body shop for when I slam on my brakes.

Bless your heart, Vidant Medical Center. Once you begin to run a hospital like a business that is when you've failed to "care" for not only the patients of the surrounding 29 counties of North Carolina, but your employees as well.

A true BYH to just “good people,” regardless of how far their hometown is from the Mason-Dixon Line. I don’t understand unsweet tea either, and I’m a Yankee.

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