BYH, if you are arguing loudly on your phone in public, please put it on speaker, I need to hear both sides of the...

Jan. 12 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

BYH to the group of guys on a group bike ride recently that stopped at my local gas station store and bought food and drinks using just special two dollar bills. What a cool way and neat idea. It may help convince my boss to install a bike rack here and at his other stores.

BTH of those delivery truck drivers who continue to believe that it is ok to use a bicycle lane for parking. Many other cities would tow those FedEx and UPS trucks for forcing cyclists out into the main lanes because the drivers were too lazy to park elsewhere.

BYH and congratulations to North Pitt High School's wrestling team. Another successful season comes to a close. You once again have competed with such heart and soul. You have put in many long hours of hard work and showed great dedication to your sport, your team, and your coach. Coach Young, your strong leadership and dedication is priceless. Looking forward to next year!

BYH to the individual who slammed on the brakes to avoid the cat. Wouldn't have been doing 45 in a 25 zone in the University Neighborhoods would you?

Bless the person who claims those who oppose a greenway in Winterville must not want an active, healthy lifestyle. I live in this section of town and many, many of us are already using our safe streets to walk, run, bike, etc. Why burden the taxpayers by duplicating what we already have? And we're not Cary!

BYH city leaders. We need your help. Please do all you can to save the Jones-Lee beautiful and unique historic house on Evans Street! Please don't say your hands are tied. We elected you to lead. This is a great chance to do that.

It is not yet noon on Monday morn and I’ve already had nine telemarketer calls on my cellphone. No calls from real people yet. Hopefully my wife will give me permission to end the service and break free of the hold that the telemarketers have on my number.

The way things are going with the ECU basketball team it is obvious that $20 million transfer to athletics has not kicked in yet.

BYH to the local television stations for always carrying the "price" of gas as 'news, Why waste time every week on this? The "price" at the pump never reflects what we all pay in military costs of life and limbs for cheap oil. How about reporting on some real news?

There is no such thing as "artificial intelligence." Look and you will find a human somewhere in the mix. Artificial intelligence is merely at the whim of the persons who programmed the computer. "Computer, who is the fairest of them all?" And the answer, "Me, of course."

BYH, RIP and Godspeed, Rep. Jones.

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