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Feb. 11 Bless Your Heart


Monday, February 11, 2019

BYH (or not) Daily Reflector, for dropping the listing of who's playing in the clubs in town. We'd prefer to see what's on the local music scene instead of the movies, which most people can find on their PDAs.

Bless your heart Winterville leaders. You want to spend millions on a greenway and you won't even fix the crumbling infrastructure you have now? Streets that never dry, collapsing street drains, etc. Take care of your residents now and then look to grow. We need new leadership in Winterville now.

Greenway-fronted property values in Raleigh, Cary, and Durham command about a 9 percent increase in value due to people there desiring a healthier, active, and safer lifestyle. Building a greenway in Winterville would result in those kinds of people (healthier, active, etc.) living near it and house values rising. Clearly some in Winterville do not want healthier, active, fit, and outdoor people living nearby nor houses that are worth more, Bless their hearts.

Bless your hearts Hope Middle School parents. What a fine example you set for your children. Not one single one of you stop at the stop sign when leaving the school. I guess it’s okay to break the law if it benefits you.

Bless your heart. The Pitt County commissioners are not backwards. They just don’t trust the city. Do you blame them? Greenville loves to waste money.

BYH to the person who wrote, “Drinking still is not as bad as smoking that dope.” I have never known or heard of anyone who smoked marijuana and then beat their wives or their kids. You either need to watch more COPS or try an edible or something. Marijuana has much less deleterious effects than alcohol. Do the research before you say something so stupid and uneducated.

My wife decreed years ago that we must have a landline so that she could call emergency services when the cellphone was down. I have therefore instructed the emergency services not to come to my rescue if my wife calls on the cell. I doubt she will get through as the landline is only used by telemarketers. And the landline is down more than it is up.

I cannot believe the developer is trying to tear down the Jones-Lee house on Evans Street. Shame on that money hungry developer that only cares about what is in their pocket.

We can't agree on Trump or bike paths but we can agree on one thing. Our cable service sucks. Thirty minutes on hold without speaking to a person. All for around $175 a month. Bless our hearts.

I just missed running over a cat today but I slammed on brakes and missed. If you do not want your cat run over by a car then maybe keep the cat off the road. Duh!

Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.

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