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Feb. 10 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, February 10, 2019

A big bless your heart to the Pitt County Council on Aging in Ayden. Donna Robinson, our site manager, goes above and beyond — a true angel and a Southern star. Let's make it happen for her — serving our community in Ayden.

BYH to the rookie employee who thinks she knows everything. I hate to tell you — the ones who have been around know more than you. Go ahead get your glory. I will have mine at the end.

I could've walked all the way downtown by the time I found a working parking meter.

To the person complaining about NIMBYs. Ever heard of property values? Who wants to buy a home with a copperhead-infested drug dealers' bazaar behind it? Public places need to be well-lit. That creates light pollution which those homeowners didn't bargain for either.

Bless the heart of the bicycle guy of Farmville. Ever since one of the commissioners yelled at you in the town meeting for speaking up for safer crosswalk planning, no one has seen you out biking in town. Please don't give in to the bullying. Many of us like that you speak for a better town with sidewalks and cycling events. Stay strong and keep fighting for others.

Bless your heart to the ECU employee complaining about parking. I thought I was the only one who has been on the A permit wait list for more than 6 years. After parking downtown every morning and walking over one-half mile to central campus, I am always disheartened to see dozens of empty spaces that require A permits.

Bless my heart, I've never watched a state of the union address when the speaker of the house was so rude. Nancy Pelosi smirked and clapped like a walrus, chewed her jaws , pursed her lips, sent hand signals to Dems and read "something" several times while standing as the President continued his speech.

BYH to the USCCA, which is the United States Concealed Carry Association!

BYH to our uptown Greenville outdoor dining. We moved to Greenville in December and with the unusually warm weather, we ventured out in our uptown for dinner Wednesday night. Very surprised to see not one establishment offers outdoor dining. Am I missing something?

Bless the heart of the one person writing to support the county commissioners for not joining the city with economic development. We all know the swamp is at the county building. Someone grab the plug and flush them out of office.

Rep. Greg Murphy, it is nice to see you supporting the Democratic agenda with your Medicaid expansion. This state needs Medicaid expansion and you are a great leader to pass the legislation.

BYH, the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

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