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Feb. 7 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Bless your heart. I have an angel, too, who puts my paper in my door every morning. He also puts my trash can back every Thursday morning. I am 95 and these are the best neighbors I have ever had. I am thankful every day.

BYH to the Greenville Police, Pitt County Sheriff's Office, Winterville Police Department and Pitt County Board of Education. How many accidents have to happen in front of Creekside before we get school zone signs with speed limit drops, officers ticketing for speeding and unsafe movement violations, or a traffic control officer in the mornings and afternoon?

BYH — with all the attention being given to storm water runoff, I see two more residential blocks with grass, trees and single family homes being razed. Those residential blocks will more than likely be replaced by large buildings with large parking lots that will only contribute to the runoff problems. City and ECU planners must do a better job to minimize runoff.

BYH to President Trump. You gave a great message of the union. You put forth the needs and why. You explained your ideas for what was planned for our country's future. Great job. I support you 100 percent all the way.

Bless our hearts, that State of the Union speech was nothing but a rally speech and members of his party reacted as if they were at one of his rallies.

Bless your heart and the ones you choose to publish and those you leave out. I guess non-controversial truths aren’t nearly as fun.

BYH Pirate Radio. You should change your name to “Irate” Radio. Seems that all you do is fuss and stir the pot. Did you stop doing sports?

BYH to PGV. How can an airport with five departures daily be responsible for 1,650 jobs? Who did that study? Maybe by me living in Greenville I am responsible for a few jobs also.

Alcohol cannot be all that bad because some of the higher class churches use alcohol in the communion service. Why not be able take communion on the Town Common?

Bless your heart to the Pitt County commissioners. You did the right thing backing out of the deal with Greenville to combine economic development boards. There is no need to offer Greenville politicians a springboard to siphon money towards their pet projects. Pitt County needs to keep putting Pitt County first!

BYH to the constant cable/internet complaints. You have choice with your provider. Just as you choose to have these luxuries, they are not basic needs of life. It's like complaining about spilled milk. Clean it up and move on.

BYH, in this house we believe black lives matter. Women's rights are human rights. Science is real. Water is life. In religious freedom. Love is love. Kindness is everything. God is everywhere.

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