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Feb. 5 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bless your heart to the Friends of the Sheppard Memorial Library for another great book sale! Great reading cheap — can't beat that!

Bless the heart of The Daily Reflector for the story on Congressman Jones in the Sunday paper. Please give the congressman the peace he deserves and to even mention death, that was poor taste.

This bless your heart is directed to the nasty people who throw trash on our highways. If you will do this to property that does not belong to you, then where you live must look like the city/county dump! Clean up your act.

BYH, ECU. I hope you have a big laundromat in one of your fancy new buildings, because you certainly seem to have a lot of dirty laundry to air.

Socialism will make the poor poorer than they currently are but liberals love it because it might make the rich less rich. If you do not follow this logic you might play chess indoors.

Bless your hearts to the ladies working at the US Cellular store on Charles Boulevard. The are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. They quickly analyzed my problem and corrected it. Many thanks for your help.

The halftime show at the 2019 Superbowl was pitiful. No bless your heart, Adam. You once were considered an entertainer. Now you look like a reject tattoo parlor junkie. Couldn't understand anything you were shouting and when your fur buddy showed up, we cut y’all off. Wish Gladys would have brought on her Pips. That would have been entertainment.

According to the preacher if you receive a lot of cellphone telemarketing calls then you are leading an unworthy life. It is the devil calling you all the time to remind you to mend your ways. Or get a free Medicare back brace.

As far as your cable charges, you are best not to look at the statement. Just pay as long as you can. You will never understand the statement, the charges, the nuances nor the tone. Some things are better left alone. Like cable charges, love and outdoor chess.

Bless your heart to the person complaining about City of Greenville not building parks near the "Fire Tower area": What about Paramore Park on Fire Tower Road and Boyd Lee Park? The County has a nice park with a nice walking path, basketball court, softball field, nice play area for kids, covered picnic area and open fields for soccer or other activities. Stop complaining.

Two rifles, a firearm, two shotguns (and a hunting bow) may have been owned by a “good guy” but a “bad guy” stole them from a home on Jan. 31. Almost every day you can read in The Reflector of guns being stolen from homes and cars. Criminals have no issues getting guns wherever they can and using them any way they want. Okay, gun rights advocates, how is this prevented?

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