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Feb. 3 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Bless his heart, forthcoming new book title: The Great Negotiator, on giving up on negotiating, perfecting the art of throwing in the towel and declaring a national emergency.

BYH to fast food restaurants that cannot get an order right. You pay enough that they could at least get the order accurate. And what do they say when you return, "Sorry." Sorry does not get it. I am not being paid to make sure the contents are accurate. Do it right.

Bless the hearts of the Pirate Nation. We are all exhausted by the tit for tat between the folks supposedly in charge. Staton did this, and Smith did that. Shanahan did this, and Bream did that. Board of Trustees did this, and Board of Governors did that. Children, please. In public you all talk of pulling together for the sake of our fine university when behind the scenes you all work feverishly to tear each other apart. Stop it.

Harry Smith's crowd is on the attack again. Pirate Radio is just his mouthpiece. Why can't they just support the chancellor? What does alumni office intrigue have to do with Pirate athletics? I know it is a long time to football season, but give us a break. I am changing channels!

Bless our heart, we are going to be in a world of hurt because the Republicans are too obsequious to deal with their mad king.

Bless the heart of the Greenville city manager who authorized paying for a survey that was not a real survey. From what list were the 818 selected and was that even one percent of our population? Need to do better.

Bless our hearts! What a sad state of affairs when so many are so proud to be considered undereducated deplorables. No wonder our world is in such a mess. MAGA my arse!

Bless the heart of the editor of this column. I never get my submissions printed and I think it's because I don't submit negative Mayor Connelly entries or Republicans are ruining our country. Sounds like fake news to me.

When is the city going to start spending our tax money to improve quality of life in the Fire Tower area? The majority of this town’s tax base comes from the homes on this side of town, yet I can’t remember the last time a decent park, greenway, or rec center was built over here. When will the city wake up and recognize that it’s time to invest in something other than “Uptown.” Bless all of our hearts.

BYH, Department of Transportation and construction crews on Boyd Street in Winterville. Your disruption without notice of cable and telephone service in this area showed a lack of concern for the communication needs of senior citizens. This could be a life-threatening situation for these citizens. Think about your actions!

Bless my heart, did I really see Dr. Murphy and Gov. Cooper supporting the expansion of Medicaid? Are there any true fiscal conservative politicians left in this world?

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