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Jan. 19 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, January 19, 2019

I just cannot wait until the ECU Polar Bear Plunge takes place off the footbridge over the Tar River. It will be a grand event especially if we add alcohol on the Town Common. We can also throw those still camped out down there as a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Fun time for all.

BYH, our president is a petty man and demeans the office of the presidency.

Bless the heart of our president, finally someone has the guts to tell these wasteful politicians that they waste taxpayer funds while the government is shutdown. Why is Nancy Pelosi trying to fly overseas in a private aircraft? Get in your office and learn to negotiate!

Bless your heart, Pelosi, Schumer and Trump. Stop playing politics and get down to business. Enough is enough. Congressman Butterfield, Congressman Jones, Senator Burr and Senator Tillis, please intervene and stop this.

Bless Your Heart to the Town of Farmville that fails to fix the water leak on South Barrett Street, which has been leaking for over a year.

BYH Greenville drivers. I see near-miss accidents every day. Use turn signals, don't make a U-turn in the intersection of a four-way stop, don't stop in the road just because. Law-abiding drivers will thank you!

The pain and spine centers are conveniently located right by the railroad tracks on Arlington. After the crossing was redone, I still almost get airborne going the posted speed limit. Why is it so hard to install a smooth railroad crossing in this town?

BYH, my friends are shocked when they find out that I am not a very good electrician.

We have a wonderful city and I am proud to say I was born and raised in Greenville. This city is on the move, but I'll be here even after they put me in the ground!

Bless the heart of the county commissioners who are caught up in the ’60's with their approach to economic development. Can we please hop into Marty McFly's car and come back to the 21st century?

Bless the heart of the board of governors who are so inept when it comes to managing the UNC system. You fire the UNC chancellor, attack ECU and can't make up your mind on Silent Sam. Figure it out or resign from office.

BYH to Suddenlink! Yes! I agree they need better communication — on the phone six times this week trying to get my bill sorted out. It's a trainwreck!

BYH to the person who thinks there needs to be another student center at ECU for those who HNMUTM (Have Not Made Up Their Minds). Duh, that's the Q in LGBTQ. Stands for both “queer” and for “questioning”!

BYH, this would be an award winning column even if you just used only my unprinted Bless Your Hearts. Try it sometime.

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