A BYH to the dry-rainy poster (“When it rains it pours”). You conflate LOCAL weather with GLOBAL warming. Please get to...

Jan. 8 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

One of the ECU illuminati said that students came to ECU for the good football. So $20 million was transferred to get the team in shape. Hopefully their success will fill all those new downtown apartments. Let's not disappoint the real estate investors.

BYH to the new Democrats in Congress who make Donald Trump look like the sane and measured one in DC. Bless our hearts!

Bless us, it's a big deal that the new representative cussed about Trump. But, you know, Dick Cheney survived cussing. We have people who swagger in both parties now.

BYH to all of those clamoring for border security. To hear you tell it, it sounds like we should be awash in crime and unemployment, but the numbers show the lowest violent crime and unemployment in decades.

BYH Dickinson Lofts ownership. I'd love to start a business in one of your vacant shops, but not at that price. That building's gonna pay you handsomely. You can reduce the rent and still make your return on investment.

What is the problem? Thomas Langston Road is covered in litter, and Sterling Pointe is the main news for crime in Greenville. This used to be a lovely area; however, this is no longer true. What has happened? Who owns this property? Hopefully these problems will be addressed and corrected soon. City Council and law enforcement, we are counting on you.

BYH to those planning for uptown Greenville’s future development. We now have a pharmacy coming, but we need more residential apartments for adults and a grocery store.

BYH to the "small business owner" worried that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez will raise his taxes to 70 percent (which isn't how progressive taxation works in the first place but whatever). If you saved every penny you made from the moment you were born until the day you die, you still wouldn't qualify for the top tax bracket.

BYH for the expansion of ECU! If it were not for the money brought in by ECU, Greenville would be on the ropes. And BYH to the folks that don't want Greenville to help ECU? Remember, Wake Forest University used to be in Wake Forest until a rich alumnus paid to move it to Winston-Salem. Does anyone in Greenville want ECU to move to New Bern? This can and has happened before!

BYH, CNN. Anthony Bourdain died June 8, 2018, yet you still have his program running like he's still alive. Can we all say fake news? And you wonder why your ratings are in the tank.

BYH Brook Valley cut through. Looks like Henry Hinton might be taking your spot.

BYH, life is such a miracle. Just think of all the things that could go wrong between conception and birth. It’s a wonder we are born healthy at all. And what makes the heart beat in the first place? Life is such a miracle!

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