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Dec. 5 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

BYH to all of the churches with their splendid holiday bazaars. These churches work hard all year to cook, bake and craft and the monies go right back into our community.

BYH. Here is a direct quote from your president as a candidate, even as he was trying to close a deal with Russian interests (Putin) for a Trump Tower in Moscow: "I have nothing to do with Russia. I haven't made a phone call to Russia in years." He called the allegation a ruse. Now he says his dealings with Russia were well known and not hidden. How many lies can you take?

BYH to students looking at going to ECU. Part of what you should consider when going to school is if that institution is financially sound. Burdening students with extra debt for a poorly performing football program should throw red flags.

BYH to the U.S. government: Mitch and Ryan just need to move on out and give the Republican Party a chance to move and get it done. Move on out. Don't want to go for the $5 billion, go with the $1.6 million and get more later. This is an embarrassment on your part.

BYH to people who shop in grocery stores or anywhere. When an employee of that company says “Hello!” it does not commit you to anything. It is just a “Hello” and if we can help you find anything in the store, let us know. You do not even make eye contact. Have you done something wrong before you got in our store? What is wrong with you people? 

BYH to those claiming the president has nothing to do with GM's "business decisions." I'm sure you're right, and that steel tariffs have no effect on car manufacturers.

The real reason for GM's closures is automation and technology, stuff you can't get rid of. It makes the remaining jobs safer and easier. Instead, maybe we need to rethink our economic model.

BYH to these agencies and churches who are giving away free food to long lines of people, some of whom are not needy and take advantage of every freebie around. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. As my 90-year-old mother commented, why not identify and bring it to the sick and elderly who are unable to stand in lines but who need it the worst?

Schools have gone from atomic bomb drills to lockdown drills.

BYH ECU students: Lovely high rise facilities have been built for student living. However, the City of Greenville has not put proper lighting in downtown for your safety. At 6 o’clock on Cotanche Street, students wait in complete darkness at their bus stop. Come on, Greenville, can’t we do better than this? This is a horrible street, no lights, the pavement is a disaster, not a single marking on the road. Shame, shame, shame.

BYH to all people. Merry Christmas, and may we all live in peace this holiday season.

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