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Nov. 17 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Kudos to Community Crossroads Center for a wonderful unveiling of this year’s Honor Card. More people need to know about your mission and help your shelter house the homeless. Please go out and buy your cards today and see what else you can do to help support the homeless shelter.

On Wednesday I had a flat tire on 10th Street. I pulled into a gas/smoke shop. Two young gentlemen approached my vehicle and offered to change my tire. I was really grateful. Bless your heart, these gentlemen saved me that day. There are still some nice, caring people in this world. Thanks again.

Imagine if ECU had been admitted into the Big 12. Of course our record might not have been much worse — just more people would have seen our suffering. In case you did not know, Job wore an ECU jersey. I think that is what the preacher said. Or maybe he said I should get a job. One of the two, I dare say.

BYH, we do not have a legitimate democracy (democratic republic) unless every voter's ballot is determined as to its intent. We lost our democracy in 2000 when the Supreme Court halted the determination of Florida voter intent so they could anoint their own boy, and again in 2016 when a foreign adversary meddled in our election.

I am not sure how the telemarketers got my cellphone number but if it was you who leaked it to them, then I curse you. May you be banned from the Brook Valley Shortcut and may the stormwater runoff float your charcoal grill down the Tar River.

I am a Yankee and relatively new to the area and I love it! Up north the expression "Southern hospitality" is a joke; I guess you have to live it to understand the expression, bless your heart. My concern is that I have no idea where this mystical Brook Valley Short cut is.

City of Greenville administrators: Please get Evans Street and the 10th Street Connector finished. It is long overdue. Do whatever it takes and get this job completed. Somebody is going to have some serious accidents with all of this bottleneck traffic. There is congestion at all times of the day, but especially from 3:30 p.m. until whenever. The citizens deserve better than this and enough is enough. 

BYH, Vidant and ECU. How much time and money were spent on Project Unify in an effort to bring Vidant and ECU medical staffs together into one entity? Seems like it just fizzled out. What now?

The DR certainly shields certain institutions and certain people from negative comments in this section. Don't be naive!

BYH to people who rush to celebrate Christmas and forget about Thanksgiving. Nobody wants to see a house decorated for Christmas at Thanksgiving. Slow down and enjoy the holidays.

BYH, who you were yesterday is a memory. Who you are today is a choice.

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