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Nov. 8 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, November 8, 2018

BYH to Al of Winterville Fire/Police Department. I purchased a new car seat for my grandson and wanted to ensure that it was properly installed — just dropped by and asked for help and Al had it installed in short order. Bless you, Al!

Bless my heart, 11,000 people voted for an unemployed recent graduate and socialist for the N.C. House seat, District 9 over Rep. Murphy. Let that sink in for a moment.

After looking at the election results, it is painfully obvious that Pitt County is becoming more and more ultra liberal. When the crime rate skyrockets, and it will, can’t wait to say “Told you so!”

BYH to the midterms. I think the orange hedgehog saw a blue shadow and is burrowing in for four more years.

BYH, Trump can waste $200 million on his border stunt, but we can't invest a few dollars for more voting machines to avoid hour waiting lines?

Bless my heart, now that the election is over let's get back to more serious issues like stormwater and global warming. Who cares about the economy or bringing jobs to our community?

BYH to those so petty and selfish to continually complain about any efforts to control stormwater and flooding and to continually make mockery comments about it. Evidently, your property or business is not in jeopardy, but can you find a place in your heart to care about others' homes, businesses, families and livelihoods?

BYH, Vidant. You allow team members to use a gym/exercise room free of charge at Edgecombe, Duplin and Roanoke Chowan Hospitals, yet team members in Greenville and Washington are offered expensive memberships "at a discount" to the Vidant Wellness Centers. You can do better, especially since health insurance premiums increased!! That new building in Wilson sure is pretty, though.

Bless your heart to all the coworkers who respect other coworkers — those that cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, those who do not talk so loud that the whole office can hear them, those who just realize there are other people in the office and they are not home. Oh — and those who tone down their perfume.

BYH to Ayden Cemetery. It is a disgrace the way the flower shed is maintained. The roof is rusted — half blown off, paint peeling off the walls, absolutely disrespectful to loved ones — and, yes, I have called the Town of Ayden repeatedly.

BYH to the students who are being dropped off at Stokes School in the morning car line. There are kids running up and down the sidewalk, leaning into other cars and talking with the people inside. Parents do nothing to control this and staff are not in place to monitor until 7:30. Let’s all work to keep the students safe. A very concerned parent.

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