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Nov. 6 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

BYH to Charlie Uveges and his poem "I Am From" in Monday's paper. This is a wonderful expression of his family's tale and how he ended up at The Oakwood School. I don't know why, but it touched my heart. Good poetry can do that!

Bless your heart to the town of Bethel for not enforcing the town ordinance for residents with roosters, hens, goats and turkeys. It reads no roosters, no more than 10 hens (not roaming), no goats, etc. Oh yeah, and the odor and poop all over the place — what can be done and who do you contact?

Isn't it odd that as gas prices are falling, one can find unleaded gas in nearby towns such as Tarboro and Rocky Mount at $2.47/gallon, yet Greenville vendors are still gouging drivers at $2.67/gallon. Is there any reason for this other than greed?

No BYH to the Christmas season with no Toys R Us! Bah humbug! Boo hoo!

No BYH to Trump's election-season stunt of taking our armed service members away from their families to guard the border, which is clearly not their job, and a ridiculous notion which retired Gen. Martin Dempsey called "a wasteful deployment of overstretched soldiers and Marines" and Colin Powell said he sees no threat that would warrant such a deployment.

I just can't find the credibility of those who tout a “good economy” as a reason to support Trump. He just spent almost $2 trillion for unpaid tax cuts for the 1 percent. I could make it look like I was rich too if I had a $2 trillion dollar credit card, bless your heart.

BYH to neighboring Wilson, My wife and I had an amazing time at the Whirligig Festival.

The corner of 14th and Fire Tower is not a trash dump. Keep your cups and food wrappers in your car until you get home. Then dump them in your trash can. Bless our lazy hearts.

BYH to all those Pirate fans who keep piling on the Board of Trustees for raising student fees. I was told by a reliable source that ECU is ranked 12th out of the 14 University of N.C. system with respect to lowest fees. If we are going to compete with UNC and N.C. State, than we need to have funds to be competitive. The fee amount raised by the Board of Trustees was a mere night out on the town for most students.

No BYH to low-information voters and those who betray the essence of their country by not even bothering to vote. I have a low opinion of willful ignorance and apathy.

BYH, we should make Veteran's Day a national Election Day and use the holiday to commemorate the reason we still have that privilege. And voting should be made easier with automatic registration, mailing ballots to registered voters, combined with stiff federal penalties for voting fraud.

BYH to Animal Control officers and staff! We appreciated all you do every day. Thank you very much!

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