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Nov. 2 Bless Your Heart


Friday, November 2, 2018

Many of the students will have to add any additional student athletic fee to their student loans and pay it off over the next 10 years. Sad state of affairs.

BYH Greenville — no unions means construction workers can ... take ... their ... sweet ... time ... building ... without ... financial ... penalties!

BYH to the Democrats opposed to the voter ID amendment. I find their opposition on the basis that there may be voter suppression with passage of this amendment to be not only demeaning to minorities, but also racist. Their opposition implies that minorities are too incompetent or stupid to obtain a photo ID. Of course the biased DR won't print this!

BYH Greenville, you need to pay attention to what is happening at the Greenville Police Department. Things are not good! We need to be a city that "Backs the Blue."

BYH: Winston Churchill (House of Commons, 1945) said, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” History seems to have proven this to be true time after time. 

BYH to anyone that thinks a revolver will protect them against an AK (assault rifle). Nobody needs to be able to buy these.

A big BYH to Democrats and the Alt Left hypocrites! People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. When will you denounce the hate speech coming from Louis Farrakhan, especially with the tragedy in Pennsylvania?

I favor raising student athletic fees to cover stormwater runoff. Think about all those students and the amount of water that runs off them. Only fair that they should pay to upgrade our stormwater runoff system. And, no, I will not volunteer to advise the ECU Board of Trustees.

BYH to the new Winter mural uptown. It looks great, but not for three years. If you are going to leave them up for that length of time make it something more year round.

BYH, if you are buying smart water at $4 a bottle, it's not working.

BYH to Greenville Utilities. How many GUC crew members does it take to change a street light? I sure don’t know because the main street light in our neighborhood has been out over a month and no one seems able to fix it.

BYH, I don't trust touch screen electronic paperless voting machines and am grateful we here in Greenville have paper and ink ballots. Yay, Greenville!

Bless his heart, Trump thinks that with a stroke of his pen he can erase the 14th Amendment. If that was true, our next president could sign a piece of paper and restore the 'Well regulated Militia' clause to the Second Amendment.

BYH, I always thought it was the dryer that was making my clothes shrink. Turns out it was my refrigerator.

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