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Nov. 1 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Bless my heart for going for a run the other day at lunch and being able to stop in the Willis building to vote. No ID necessary. It was very convenient and took only a few minutes. No waiting.

I want to send a huge bless your heart to the gentleman at Plaza Auto Care in Greenville. This morning a very generous man paid for me to retrieve my car that had been towed there. I don't know what I would have done if it had not been for him. There are still great people in this world. Thank you so much.

Our President via Twitter plus our President via teleprompter equals unstable, not a genius.

BYH to the ongoing slow construction, delayed opening dates and last two months of canceled music acts at the Park Theater. I understand projects take time to complete, but is this music venue ever going to be opened for the public? I am beginning to think the farmers market on Dickinson Avenue will open before the Park Theater music venue will be completed.

Thank you to all those responsible for cleaning up our streets. I noticed that the city has placed new adopt-a-street signs near my neighborhood and it's great to see us focusing on cleaning the city. Thank you to the city leaders for helping clean our city.

BYH to all those who feel you can stop gun violence with a sign or gun control laws. You cannot stop gun violence with kind words, or even the Bible in hand. To stop a gun attack, you need a gun. It is the time we live in. We must choose whether to live in fear or to walk with confidence that we can protect ourselves when necessary. Having a gun for protection is not evil, but smart. A gun is only evil when an evil person controls it. Good will always overcome evil!

My wife and I went downtown to eat dinner on Saturday night and noticed all the police officers, barricades, security personnel, and vehicles in place for the Halloween festivities. Though this seems like a large investment in tax payer funds, we were thankful the mayor has made it a priority to rid the downtown of criminals.

Bless my heart, I was walking down the street the other day and noticed that all the sidewalks have been adapted so they are ADA compliant. Thank you to the new council that has made this a priority to keep the pedestrians safe.

The only voting guide needed is this: Rep = Trump. In N.C., it also means “cut ECU’s budget.” And if you don’t get that? Aw, bless your heart.

Thank you, President Trump for saving our country. These loony toons on the left are so delusional and cannot see how much our country has changed for the better in his first two years.

I would like to resign from a job and receive $500,000. No! Majority of us would be happy with $5. What's with giving away my tax dollars?

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