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Oct. 30 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

BYH to all of who decorated their homes for Halloween/fall. What a pleasure it has been to see the creativity in Halloween displays and the warm, welcoming colors of fall. Sure has made the neighborhood walks more fun!

Bless your heart, ECU. I am disappointed that the helipad on the new student center won't be open for the distinguished alumni to fly in for the conference championship game in December.

BYH to the judge who found a UNC student guilty of damaging the Civil War statute on campus but imposed no penalty. What kind of nonsense was that. She damaged the statute, and by law was found guilty. She should have had to pay the price for her actions.

Feel bad for the person complaining about the sidewalk and parking space issue during all the exciting work going on in downtown Farmville. Some have trouble enjoying anything.

Bless your heart to the media that reports the 2 percent increase in Social Security but fail to report the increase in Medicare costs that dilutes or erases the increase.

Bless your heart to the politicians and media that brag about the $1.5 trillion tax cut but withhold that it will increase the debt by the same amount. Reminds me of the old saying that politicians will pee on your leg and tell you it is raining.

If you are in this country illegally are you subject to United States law? Or are you merely deported until you come back with a new alias?

ECU Pirate football is at a low point. So what do those in the Ivy Tower think we should do? Increase athletic fees on the students. That my friends is why those at the top of the food chain get so much to eat. Some really smart minds up there for sure.

Bless your heart to the Philippi church for telling constituents how to vote then busing the “Souls to the Polls” to vote. Why do not any of the other congregations bus their congregations to the polls to see that their people use their right to vote? Just sayin'.

BYH, if you want to understand any of the problems that face this country, find out who profits from those problems, not who suffers from the problems.

BYH, a 97-year old-holocaust survivor was killed for being Jewish. In America. Let that sink in.

BYH, do not succumb to fear, for as that great philosopher said, "The path to the dark side is fear; fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering."

BYH to all the angry folks. If you would just take a deep breath and sing “Let it Go” instead of honking your horn, cussing at others or giving the finger then all will be right with the world.

BYH: Advice from an elephant: Make a big first impression. Don't work for peanuts. Be all ears and know when to put your foot down. Be gentle no matter your size. Charge ahead and never forget what is important.

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