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Oct. 29 Bless Your Heart


Monday, October 29, 2018

BYH to the UNC Board of Governors for showing President Margaret Spellings the exit doors. Who is next — Cecil Staton?


BYH to Edward Jones in Farmville for blocking the only handicapped parking space in the entire downtown of Farmville for over two weeks now with your contractors truck. How about letting the sidewalk and parking become accessible again so some of us can enjoy the downtown area again?


Bless the hearts of those who enthusiastically proclaim that our rights aren't something inherent to humanity that all are born with. They seem to actually like fooling themselves that rights are subject to revocation at any time according to the whim of almighty government. I suppose everyone must believe in some type of higher power.


Bless your heart to Pitt County Schools Principal and AP of the year nominees. You all do such a great job! Shout out to well deserved nominee Swinson from Elmhurst. Your hard work, smile and sincerity do not go unnoticed. You are a true gem.


In response to those writing in about servers saying "no problem" and the alleged sensitivity of people nowadays. A simple "thank you" is sufficient; what happened to manners and good upbringing? "No problem" indicates that the server is not really there to serve you.


Shame on the BYH Column for printing anything about ECU student athletic fees! They have been a dirty secret for a long time and that $15 million per year makes it easier for the big shot Pirate Club members to swagger around the clubhouse and pretend to be financing Pirate football.


BYH ECU for closing down yet another frat house for parties but spending millions on a party house for the administration.


BYH to irony, as Trump calls Democrats an “angry mob” while whipping his nationalist rallies into an angry mob to chant “lock her up!” and calling actual mobs like in Charlottesville “fine people” while they marched while chanting anti-Semitic slogans.


BYH to all the ladies of the Service League of Greenville who, since 1938, have donated volunteer hours to now Vidant Medical Center, Ronald McDonald House, Hope Lodge and the SLG Hospice House. More than $11 million in equipment and monetary pledges to this medical community and the people they serve.


BYH to all the complainers about our Uptown’s bar scenes and Wild Wild West behavior. Just a reminder, we do live in a college town with 30,000 students. However, we could use more rooftop bars, higher-end restaurants and some apartments for young adults. This will help bring a more mature population into our Uptown.


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