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Oct. 13 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Thank you for the help from the officer who assisted my mother when she was lost. The officer was so nice and helped her back to her car so she could get home. We have great officers in the city and they deserve a big thank you!

BYH: What does "free sample" mean when you see it? A “sample” is singular, not plural, or it would say "free samples." Does this make sense?

BYH President Trump. I agree with you on the issue of making U.S. post offices a private business. No more federal dollars for salaries and the cost of stamps, etc. Postal workers would work harder because they would be in competition with other mail carrying businesses. Prices for stamps and mail services would be cheaper. Mail delivery would be more steady than with federal workers. Good idea.

No BYH Duke Energy Progress — the largest utility company with the worst record. Greenville Utilities needs to take over the Grifton area. All Duke wants is your money. They won't even answer their phones.

BYH, can somebody please fix the light at Fire Tower and Charles Boulevard?!

Bless your heart, Rev. Barber. Now that you have won the $625,000 grant, are you going to help all the poor people in Belhaven with getting medical care? Oh wait. Never mind! Now that the media is no longer covering the people in Belhaven, you are no longer interested in the town or the people. Strange how that works!

Bless our bleeding hearts. We should mind our own business and not try to tell other countries what to do and how to do it. In case the liberals don't know it, China essentially owns us. We are in debt up to our ears funding liberal giveaway programs and giving borrowed money to countries who can't stand us. We should build a wall around our perfect system and not interact with the rest of the world

A weird BYH to Kanye West for his bizarre spectacle in the Oval Office today as he ranted and rambled, using profanities, trying to get Trump to trade Air Force One for a “hydrogen plane,” explaining his bipolar diagnosis. What I heard from his idiocy was “Who's my daddy? Trump's my daddy!”

I see where Mexico Beach was flattened in the latest hurricane to hit Florida. Will any consideration be given to the concept of not rebuilding? I mean hurricanes come back, don't they? Mother Nature will probably win one more time. She is like a wife; she always gets her way in the end.

BYH to our local college football team. The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expecting a different result. This is also for the fans, but I think y'all enjoy the tailgating way more than the games, party on.

BYH speaks truth to power. Power hates that.

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