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Aug. 13 Bless Your Heart


Monday, August 13, 2018

BYH. I remember when people got a lot of laughs out of suggesting that Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house. Now, after listening to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, I am convinced that she can see Russia from her house in Brooklyn.

Bless the heart of the person mentioning graffiti in our fair city. In other areas, criminals with community service hours to do are put to work painting over tags. How about G-Vegas give that a try?

BYH to CenturyLink phone company. I think it is a shame when someone needs a phone repaired or serviced that there is no phone number at the company to call. Graham Bell would be ashamed of this. I have more trust in having two tin cans and a string for calling someone. I guess CenturyLink just does not want anyone to use their services.

BYH, Trump should not be allowed to choose the justice that might have to rule on an ongoing federal investigation and potential prosecution of him. That would be like Al Capone getting to choose his own judge, the one on his payroll.

BYH to folks who think ECU or any university has any say about game starting times. It is TV money that decides the time and day and almost everything else.

BYH to the misinformed person, who feels that they know a police officer's job. An officer is responsible for crime, but that is only part of it. Traffic patrol saves lives. Police need to stop being Santa Claus and social workers. There are other departments for that. Be real police and do the whole job, not just what makes the news. For the person that is misinformed — stop watching Adam 12. That is TV.

Taxpayers already subsidize the enormous ECU parking lots and everyone deals with the environmental damage with increased flooding, storm water, heat sinks and pollution these asphalt wastelands cause. Now some heath science students are upset because they do not get enough cheap parking spaces and may have to walk a little bit or get a shuttle bus. Bless their hearts.

BYH to schools. A lottery. Are we serious? This is America. If several children’s parents are wanting them to go to a different school, let's look at the schools they are running away from and figure out the problem and fix it!  Okay. You have a student that now can go to another school of their parents’ choice. No, that doesn't justify his siblings to go to the new school of choice. Everyone has to fill out the proper paperwork for each and every one.

BYH to journalist Amber Revels-Stocks of the Times-Leader. She is knowledgeable about the communities of southern Pitt County, shows up to cover community events and helps the Times-Leader be the voice of Grifton, Ayden and Winterville (Southern Pitt). Her dedication, strong writing and sharp photos make her a rising star.

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