Bless our hearts as Edmund Burke quoted: The only thing necessary for the triump of evil is for good men(and women) to...

Aug. 10 Bless Your Heart


Friday, August 10, 2018

BYH to Mrs. Phyliss Ross. I always look forward to reading her creative and rhyming fair poem each year in the printed guide. She and Mr. Kenneth do a great job to make the fair one of the best around. We look forward to going every year. This year's fair is the 99th and I am sure much is planned for the 100th next year!

BYH, red hats don't drag you off to a concentration camp. Thats the difference. Stop equating and diminishing the deaths of millions of human beings with existing laws being enforced.

If ECU officials want us employees to think riding the bus from Minges is “a good option,” then how about putting a Kronos timeclock out there so we can sit around and wait for the bus on university time.

Pitt County Commissioners, I need a new HVAC unit. May I please borrow $10,000 plus from the rainy day fund? Oh! — and interest free with a 10-year payback.

Why do miserable old people worry so much about living longer? If you are that miserable go ahead and walk the Green Mile. If you cannot quit complaining, then at least do like the Bless Your Heart column, limit it to 60 words.

Bless your heart NCDOT and the paving company for having almost a mile of Evans Street blocked off to a single lane with no sign of anyone working on it. I waited almost 10 minutes to get through the 14th Street intersection and was five minutes late. When I got to work my boss saw me — never been late before — Thanks.

First it was the teachers complaining. Now it is the fire service. Back in my day getting a civil service job was like winning the illegal lottery. The numbers game back then was calculated by the closing price of bacon and eggs. Only time I ever was interested in pork prices.

BYH, when considering Trump and the corrupt cronies he surrounds himself with, if it was a foreign government we were observing, we would view it as a textbook example of a kleptocracy.

BYH to the board of education who can find funds to add more guns and guards to our schools but refuses to fund the school psychologists, social workers and counselors needed to support students. So we get more cops to punish kids but still expect support people to serve thousands of kids each.

My taxpayer dollars were used to bus little angels to schools for a twice-daily feeding this summer. Now that they are soon headed back to class, I'm asked to donate their backpacks, and school supplies to fill those backpacks. Don't these little angels have mamas and papas? Bless the hearts of lazy, irresponsible parents.

Bless your hearts to the people who rescue from the animal shelter on County Home Road. Thank you for saving precious lives. And thank you to Spay Today. What a wonderful organization!

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