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April 17, 2019

Dear Readers:

First a shout out to those who joined my Cooking Matters grocery store tour sponsored by Pitt Partner’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Team. I had a grand time sharing tips on how to eat healthy on a budget as we roamed the aisles of a local Food Lion store.

I was ably…

Kolasa, Kathy

April 09, 2019

Q: A national newspaper had a headline story about pesticides, fruits and vegetables. What do you think about their Dirty Dozen list? — DRJ, Greenville

A: I cringe every year when an advocacy group issues their list of dirty dozen. For that matter, I get upset when I see any information in…

April 03, 2019

Q: I was interested that the US News and World Report had a diet called MIND this year. Can you tell me about it? — RAN, Winterville

A: I was delighted to see the MIND diet getting some attention. The scientific evidence is quite good that shows following MIND — a hybrid of DASH and…

Kolasa, Kathy

March 27, 2019

Dear readers: Most of the columns I write with the ECU medical and dietetic students focus on healthy eating.

Radhi Kothadia, a third year Brody medical student agreed with me that doctors and health care professionals should be saying more than “just walk” to their patients. So, we…

Kolasa, Kathy

March 20, 2019

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am hosting a birthday party for myself. I kind of decided at the last minute. The party is coming together pretty well — probably because I have a lot of experience hosting events.

I just remembered a couple of people that I definitely should have invited but didn't. I just…

Harriette Cole

March 20, 2019

Q: Last summer, The American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement calling for more research on the safety of food additives and action if they are found harmful. Is there something consumers should be doing now? GR, Greenville

A: Yes, the pediatricians of this country are concerned that some…

Kolasa, Kathy

March 13, 2019

Q: Does it really make any difference if an overweight or obese person with knee osteoarthritis loses weight? How much weight loss would it take? HW, Greenville

A: People are amazed when I tell them there are more than 200 medical conditions that have been linked to overweight and obesity. So, the…

Kolasa, Kathy

March 06, 2019

Q: Do you read your columns? HJ, Greenville

A: Oh my. Yes of course I not only read, I work with the medical and dietetics students who write the column to ensure you get the best advice possible in about 600 words. Students who want the experience of writing a column are given a list of questions…

Kolasa, Kathy

February 27, 2019

Dear readers: a few weeks ago, we talked about the health benefits of dark chocolate and we got quite a few questions. For people with diabetes, please do not buy “diabetic” chocolate. Have your dietitian help you work in an ounce of the “real thing” and you would be better…

February 20, 2019

Q: Can you share information about the new Pitt County Food Finder? KC, Greenville

A: I was delighted to learn about this new product from the Pitt County Farm and Food Council. Radhika Kothadia, Brody Medical student, checked out their new APP an this is what she wants you to know.

Right before…

Kolasa, Kathy
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